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Foods That You Should NEVER Feed Your Dog

Everyone knows there are some foods that a dog should never eat. You don't give a dog chocolate and you never let them dig in your trash as this will cause severe dog health problems and dog food allergies.

But, there are actually quite a few foods that can cause severe reactions, illness and even death if your dog eats them.

Some of those foods will be unsavoury to a dog - a natural protection against poisonous foods. However, some dogs either don't have this instinct or don't care, and in the case of some foods (like chocolate), they'll try all the harder to get them.

The No Eat List

So, with all those processed foods and table scraps floating around your home, here is a list of foods you should never let your dog eat, no matter what:

Onions and Garlic - Releases sulfoxides and disulfides that can cause anemia as well as blood damage. Cats are even more at risk of this, but the risk is strong in both.

Baby Food - Can contain both garlic and onion powder, causing the same results.

Bones - Bones of any kind can chip or be swallowed, leading to obstructions, lacerations and intestinal blockage.

Cat Food - This is richer and fattier than most dog foods and has too much protein for a healthy dog to digest.

Chocolate and Caffeine - Caffeine, Theobromine, and Theophylline are all toxic to dogs, and can cause heart or nervous failure in large amounts.

Citrus Oil Extracts - Induces vomiting

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Fat Trimmings - Causes pancreatitis

Grapes or Raisins - A toxin that has not yet be fully identified that can cause kidney damage has been associated with grapes and raisins.

Liver - Too much liver causes Vitamin A toxicity, weakening bones and muscles.

Hops - Causes increased heart rate, panting, fever, and seizures. Can even cause death.

Vitamin Supplements with Iron - Iron poisoning can damage organs throughout the body.

Macademia Nuts - Affects the digestive system, the muscles, and the nervous system.

Molds - Causes diarrhea and vomiting and can cause organ damage.

Mushrooms - Some mushrooms are toxic, causing system failure, shock, and death in severe cases.

Raw Eggs - The Avidin Enzyme in raw eggs can reduce Biotin absorption and lead to hair and skin problems. There is also the risk of Salmonella.

Potato, Rhubarb and Tomato Leaves - There are oxalates in these plants that cause numerous digestive problems and can result in urinary problems.

Peaches and Plums - They can choke on the pits.

Persimmons - Seeds cause intestinal blockage and enteritis.

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Raw Fish - Results in Thiamine deficiency. This will cause a loss of appetite and seizures and can even lead to death if it is fed to them regularly.

Salt - Causes dehydration and electrolyte imbalances which can impair the nervous system.

Yeast - Causes swelling and pain in the stomach, with the potential for rupture.

Xylitol - Causes liver failure

Alcohol - Even small amounts can cause organ damage and lead to possible coma or death.

Everything Else

The list above is only a list of those foods that have been found to cause direct, immediate damage to a dog's organs. There is also a very real risk if you feed your dog excessive amounts of table scraps or if you over feed them in general.

As a good dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your dog is well fed, but only with foods they need. Remember, they are happy to have whatever you feed them. Rich, potentially damaging fatty foods from your table can be just as bad in the long run as any of the above foods.

Now that we've talked about foods that your dog should not eat, what about foods that he/she SHOULD eat?

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 All the best to a long healthy life for your dog, 

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