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Great Treats for Dogs

There's nothing greater than being able to make your dog bounce around in pleasure when you give them a special treat.

However, some people give out entirely too many treats or treats that may taste good, but can cause a number of health problems.

I'm not saying to cut out the treats - by all means, reward your dog for the behaviours you're happy with, and let them indulge a little bit now and then.

However, there are treats that can be good for your dog in more ways than just emotional response.

What to Avoid

First, there are some treats you should avoid. Don't give your dog table scraps as treats. They can be dangerous for them in many ways. Something as innocuous as garlic powder can cause digestive problems for your dog.

In addition, human food is often much fattier than a dog needs and can cause a number of organ problems, from fat in the liver to a weakened or enlarged heart, or even canine diabetes. Generally speaking, if it's not made for a dog, they probably shouldn't be eating it.

In addition to table scraps, cheap, high fat biscuits and cookies can be good for very occasional treats, but given on a daily basis, they can result in health problems across the board for a dog. You need to avoid any treat that has high fat contents or is full of fillers like corn or wheat.

Other things to avoid include ham bones, pig ears (due to salmonella risks), and high fat cookies, especially if they are allergic to any grains which are heavily used in them.

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The Good Stuff

So, what kind of treats is your dog going to do backflips for? There are a few good ones that I have found to be extremely effective and serves as great dog food nutrition. Here is a short list.

   * Stuffed Kong Toys - Kong toys are fantastic toys in that they can be chewed for years and hold up to the punishment. What's more, you can put peanut butter, meat chunks, or treats in them to drive that chewing.

   * Ice and Frozen Treats - Unless your dog has dental problems, they love ice. Ever see a dog go at a snow bank? Somewhere in them is hardwired the desire to devour frozen water. The best part - it's free and extremely healthy, though a bit messy at times.

   * American Rawhide - Rawhide is a great treat and dogs love it, but you should be careful. First, make sure it is pressed rawhide so big chips don't come off when they chew it. Second, make sure it is American as there has been some talk in the past about arsenic poisoning.

   * Heavy Bones - Some bones are okay, if you watch your dog while they eat them. We're talking about heavy, large, beef bones. Anything that can break or chip should be avoided - mainly anything else, especially ham bones.

   * Jerkies - Dried meats are a great treat as they don't have too many additives, reduce choking risks and are safe to feed to them in any circumstances. They also make good
training treats because they can be broken up into small pieces easily.

Whenever looking for a treat, make sure to find treats that are limited in fillers and artificial anything. Organic, grain fed meets from the US are always best to ensure they have been properly handled, and don't have anything in them that could make your dog sick.

In the end, a good treat is a must have for any dog owner, so be careful, research carefully, and always get something your dog likes.

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