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What To Try When You Want To Eliminate Puppy Digging

If you want to eliminate puppy digging it is possible that you have spent a few afternoons cleaning after a mess.

If you own a puppy (for this article we mean a dog that is less than a year old) you are at an age where they are learning everything so it is also one of the best times to let them know that digging is not acceptable behavior.

Unless you communicate to your pup that they are not supposed to dig they have no way of knowing it, so do not think that it is doing it to ruin your day or your lawn.

Some breeds like terriers in fact are known as diggers, but there are ways that you can stop the behavior.

No Cruelty Necessary

Yes your dog may be a digger, and he/she may have damaged your lawn more than once. You may have told your dog that is unacceptable, but the dog simply does not stop. It can get frustrating at time, but yelling at your dog will not solve the problem.

A dog follows a good leader and a good leader does not need to yell or worse in order to be followed. Dogs may look like they understand words, but they actually understand actions a lot better.

The way your dog senses you is way more important than a scream. If you yell or scream at your dog you will only be hurting the bond that you have with it. There are better ways to get your point across.

Keep An Eye On Your Dog

In order to correct a bad behavior you have to be present when it happens. You cannot try to correct that behavior when you come home from work. If you wait even a minute before correction the dog will have no idea what you are correcting it for, making the correction completely useless.

Correction has to happen as soon as you see your dog going for the action you want to correct in this case digging. Sit on the yard while your dog sniffs around and when you see it going for the dig, stop it in its tracks. This can be a distraction or a firm and deep no. Some trainers recommend a digging area, but if you want to stop the behavior altogether you may want to avoid that.


So many problems can be prevented by simply walking a dog, and digging is one of them. If you want to eliminate puppy digging then try a couple of long walks a day. A tired puppy is not a digging puppy. You can also make your yard an unwelcome digging area by putting rocks on the ground. If the digging is no fun then the dog will not do it. 

Also, some dogs will dig in order to seek shelter, which means that a good shelter where the puppy feels cozy and safe is one of the best ways to prevent digging. Last but not least, take your pup to dog training; there is no better way to stop the digging than having a well-trained dog.

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