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Types Of Training For Schutzhund Competitions

The Schutzhund is a competition for dogs and handlers that demonstrates how they work as a team. It is based on certain tasks that need to be completed in phases.

There are three phases called tracking, obedience, and protection and each phase requires different types of training for Schutzhund.

The training will require consistent practice sessions over a long period of time and usually takes three to four years before one is ready for competition. The stringent tests will require the handler and the dog to work in unison to show that they can be a team.

Competition in the Schutzhund requires a mental awareness from both the dog and the handler and is what is graded on. Each phase has moves that have to be completed and are graded and it must be done within one day.

The dog will be tested on its trainability and temperament in different situations and the handler will demonstrate that he is in control of the dog. It will also include gun shots and walking through a crowd, so it will be important to know what types of dog training for Schutzhund is available.

Training For Tracking

Tracking requires your dog to follow a track laid out by the tracker using his smelling scent and finding the objects that are left along the track. The dog must concentrate and focus on the task without the influence of the handler.

 In this exercise he is expected to follow his own nose. The training will consist of the dog seeking and finding the item then laying down with the item in front of him. He is not to move until the handler comes to retrieve the item. Training will require not only obedience but also how to use their scent abilities to find an object.

Training For Obedience

The obedience phase is to demonstrate how much control the handler has over the dog when there is commotion or distraction. This test uses voice commands from the handler to the dog to do various tasks and includes heeling and exercises in the field. Although it is similar to obedience classes, it does include walking through a crowd and shooting off a gunshot. The test demonstrates the dog’s ability to not flinch but to trust the handler.

Training For Protection

This training will require a second person that has experience in training dogs for protection. The test will evaluate the dog’s physical and mental abilities when faced with having to protect the handler. A padded arm cover is used by another person to show that the dog can attack and stop on command from its handler, even under stress. The dog must show confidence and self-control, and be able to deal with conflict at the same time.

The types of training for Schutzhund will need to be individualized as well as in a formatted pattern. This type of training takes time and discipline from both the dog and the handler. The benefits of Schutzhund training is that you will have a very loyal companion that can travel anywhere.

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