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How to Do Well in Schutzhund Dog Training

Schutzhund means “protection dog” in German. It is a sport that has different levels of competition demonstrating the skills of the dog and its handler.

There are three phases to the Schutzhund; tracking, obedience, and protection. Each phase has specific things that the handler and the dog must do to qualify in the competition.

The Schutzhund dog training method is very popular when someone wants to utilize their dog for sport. It also creates a very strong bond between dog and handler as they need to work together in all their actions. It is important to know how to do well in Schutzhund if a team is going to win in any competitions.

What Does Schutzhund Do?

The Schutzhund tests the dog’s temperament and their willingness to work. The dogs are usually well trained and are considered safe and well-mannered companions. The training produces mental stability in any given situation and the handler has complete control over the actions of the dog. Most

Schutzhund trained dogs are very alert and aware of their surroundings; they also do not fear anything. Part of the training of the dog is to be social and not back down in a crowd. The dog must trust their handlers direction at all times.

Getting Started In Schutzhund

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One of the best ways to get started and know how to do well in Schutzhund is to find a club. Attend the training sessions and watch how it is done. Talk to the club members and find out what it takes to train your dog in Schutzhund. Take your dog to the club and have members evaluate your dog to see if he is capable to the rigorous tests that are performed.

If you don’t have a dog yet or you do not feel that your current dog will work out, ask the members if they can recommend a dog breeder who would be able to work in Schutzhund. When you start training your dog have someone with experience work with you in the protection phase of competition.

What Does It Take

If you want to know how to do well in Schutzhund you will need to ask yourself a few questions such as what is your intention. Is this a weekend hobby, or is it something that you want to do to win competitions? Deciding how much time you will be putting into this training is important because it could take two or three years before you and your dog are ready.

Another question to ask yourself is: are you capable to take on this stringent regiment of tasks? The dog and handler must practice regularly and be consistent in training through all types of weather and locations. This kind of training and competition takes dedication but will be well worth it when you succeed. You will have a dog that will be very loyal to you forever.

The secret to being successful in Schutzhund is to be committed and dedicated to being in the Schutzhund and doing well.

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