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Reversing Bad Behavior In Dogs

Your dog may have started as the best behaved pooch in the planet, but now it may just be a little brat that will not listen to anybody. Bad behaviors can be developed by a previously well behaved dog at any point in its life.

As the owner it is imperative that you curve such bad behaviors as they can sometimes be more than just annoying, and sometimes downright dangerous. So how do you curve those bad behaviors when they seem so engrained in your dog already?

You must start by remembering that before your dog changes you must change as well. The bad habits that your dog may exhibit may be more of an owner problem than a dog problem.

Behaviors Related To Fear And Reversing Bad Behavior In Dogs

Fear can be a really badly influencing force on your dog. It may not have started as a big problem and the howling and sometimes even the aggression could have been prevented by the owner’s actions. You have to remember that dogs and humans are very different and they react to things differently.

While consoling a fearful child is appropriate, consoling a fearful dog with reassuring words and hugs is not the best thing to do. The reason for that is that if a dog is afraid and you pet it or talk to it with reassuring and soft voice the dog will see it as an approval of its actions and therefore will think it is ok to act that way.

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Destructive Behavior

Destructive behavior in the house can be not only expensive, but it can also be dangerous to your dog. The good news is that a lot of times destructive behavior can be fixed by you. See destructive behavior is usually a sign of too much penned up energy. That energy makes your dog want to do something, play, jump or destroy your furniture.

So how do you stop the bad behavior? Simple, get rid of all that energy. A long walk before you leave the house and another one when you return will not only help get rid of the behavior, but it will also help the bond that you have with your dog to get even stronger. It is impressive how much a simple walk can do.

It Is Not You, It’s Me

Keep in mind that a lot of the behavior problems come from our own interactions with dogs. As much as we love them, and they do become a part of the family, they are not human members of the family. They do not wish to be treated as humans; they are dogs and they like being dogs. If you are having trouble understanding dog behavior or with training your dog away from undesired actions it is recommended that you consult a professional.

You should not think of your dog as a bad dog; your furry friend has just not received something from you, but you can be the pack leader that your dog needs. When you become the leader you will both live a happy and healthy life and you won’t need to learn more about reversing bad behavior in dogs.

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