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Old Dog Care And Comfort

As your dog gets older you will start seeing a slow down on his actions. The excitable puppy that once was becomes a more relaxed and that is to be expected after all it is not the young and agile dog of years past.

With age also comes new needs for your furry best friend and in order to make its golden years as good as they can be you must know what those needs are.

Meeting those needs will not only make your dog happy but it will also re-enforce the bond that the two of you share.

Vet Visits

An older dog needs a lot more care than a young one and vet visits become a lot more important. An older dog is more likely to get sick because of a less effective immune system and other diseases that attack older dogs.

Joints can also be a concern with older dogs because that can be a reason they do not exercise as much. Regular vet visits will also help prevent diseases such as dog arthritis or catch them at an early stage when they can be treated more effectively; so you definitely want your dog to have the schedule trip to the veterinarian.

Bedding Helps With Old Dog Care And Comfort

An older dog requires a more comfortable bed. It seems as if a young dog can fall asleep anywhere, but because of old age, a dog can suffer pains or arthritis. Making sure that the bedding is comfortable will make sleeping time a lot better for your dog.

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The bed should always be placed away from drafts or places where your dog can get cold; this is especially true for older dogs. The cold can make it uncomfortable for a dog with joint pains, and it can make an older dog a lot colder than a young one. Find a good spot for the bed where you can keep an eye on it.


You always want to feed your dog quality dog food, and it is even more important with an old dog. A dog that is not as active will need to get fewer calories. One reason that older dogs get obese is because their food does not change; combined with the fact that an older dog will exercise a lot less than a younger one can get your dog in health problems. Make sure that you get senior good quality dog food and that you still walk your dog as much as it feels comfortable walking.

Old Dog Care And Comfort Means You Show Him Love

Old age does not mean that your dog should be less happy. He or she loves you as much as they ever did and you should show them as much love as you ever showed them. Remember with old age your dog may have accidents in the home.

This is not because your dog did not want to go outside, sometimes they just can’t wait. Be understanding and loving when this happens and you will always remember your best friend for the great times it gave you and you to him.

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