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How to Pick Your Dog’s Name

Picking a name for your beloved companion is no walk in the park. While some people may take it lightly it is important to remember that a bad name picked as a joke will haunt you for the rest of your life not to say your dog who might not be too pleased with it.

When choosing an appropriate name for your dog you should take into account the following


Male vs. female


Dogs will vary greatly in the way they express themselves. Some dogs have huge personalities that demand attention while some are happy being quiet and content on the chair.


What for you intend to use the dog for? Is the dog meant to be a hunting dog, guard dog, pet, guide?   The name should complement the dog’s purpose.


Some dogs are excused from some names just because of their breed. For example naming a Rottweiler “bunny” will be highly demeaning to the dog. Nothing against the name, but you can do better than that.

Go for a name that is not offensive and one that your dog will relate to. When you pick a name for your dog, stick to it, don’t keep changing it s this is only confusing for the dog.

Avoid names that are too long as dogs will easily forget them and may fail to respond when called. Names shouldn’t be yelled out like commands, the dog may get the two mixed up and will not know when he is being commanded to do something or simply being called.

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You can pick a dog’s name from memory, that is, your dog may remind you of someone you know or a pet you once owned.  Other attributes of the dog such as coat colour and temperament will point you in the right direction.

You can pick a dog’s name based on where the dog came from such as Irish, Paris, Britain, Kenya, Cuba.  A great name for your dog doesn’t necessarily have to be that on the top 10 list of most favourite names. Pick a name that you feel best describes your dog.

If the dog is a family dog, then all members of the family should be involved in picking out suitable name for the family dog. Whether you choose to throw a dice, vote on a favourite name or simply sign a truce go for the name that members of the family are ok with.

Here are some great names that you may consider

ü  Ginger ü  Mojo ü  Sunny ü  Bobby ü  Tommy
ü  Paris ü  Lucky ü  Bella ü  Night ü  Xena
ü  Princess ü  Buster ü  Sadie ü  Scooby ü  Bambi
ü  Silver ü  Casper ü  Lady ü  Bruno ü  Scooter
ü  Baldy ü  Blue ü  Olive

Whatever the criteria you use to pick the perfect dog’s name, remember that in the end the choice is yours. Once the name is chosen it may define your dog for years to come. Still this is no reason why picking a dog’s name cannot be a fun and bonding experience.
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