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Dog’s Basic Needs

These needs are not much different from those of humans, in fact; most of them are similar to those of humans.

The basic needs of a dog are shelter, food and good health. Once you provide these then you are sure that you will have a very happy and comfortable dog. On top of that, it is also essential to learn how to train your dog as it makes it able to understand you better.

1. Shelter

Do not worry if you cannot give your dog five star accommodation. Your dog only needs a place that is warm and dry. You can buy a readymade kennel or crate.

If your dog will be staying indoors with you then give him some space, you can either get him a basket where he can comfortably lie or allocate him some space in one of the rooms and lay done a blanket, towel r some old clothes so the floor is not too cold for him.

If you prefer to build your own kennel then ensure that it has a roof that will not let water seep through, choose a suitable material. A good kennel should be properly ventilated, be easy to clean and should be safe for the animal. You may also want to take into consideration what the dog likes, after all those are going to be his living quarters! 

2. Food

Most people use commercially available food but some may prefer homemade meals. Whether from a shop or homemade a good food is one that is balanced and nutritious.

Depending on the age, size, physiological status e.t.c. feed requirements vary. Some dogs will require more food than others. Ensure that your dog has access to proper food that is sufficient for his needs.

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Go for a food that will meet the needs of your pet without requiring additional supplementation. If you want you may get some treats that you could give the dog on training days or to praise him for a job well done at home. Keep the treats at a minimum, that way the dog will not get too attached to them. Treats shouldn’t be used in place of food.

If you choose to make your own food, research on the nutritional requirements for your dog. This ensures that your dog does not suffer from any deficiencies or any excesses that may impair his well being. If your dog is suffering from diseases such as diabetes, a good option would be to feed your dog with diabetic dog food and the like.

3. Health

One of the most important things to do once you get a dog is to look for a good veterinarian. This vet serves as your advisor on matters to do with the health of your dog. The dog will require check-ups now and then even when he is not sick to make sure that he is in good health.

If your dog shows signs of illness don’t just sit there and wait for the full blown disease to come, go for a check-up. It is better to be sure than sorry.

One of the greatest diseases dogs suffer from is neglect from their owners. This disease is worse than any viral or bacterial condition the dog will ever contract. Owning a dog is a great responsibility that must be taken as such. If your dog is your friend, treat him as such, with the respect he/she deserves. 

Lastly, give your dog your best and your dog will show you his best.

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