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Your Guide to Your Older Dog

Your Guide to Your Older Dog
* 31 page ebook  

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"This has been a life saver for when I started looking for a family dog and doing research. I have been able to identify and choose my puppy more effectively because of this ebook."

- Joe Sinclair, Oklahama, USA

Product Description

Chapter 1 – Introduction .

Chapter 2 – An older dog primer . In this chapter, we’ll look at the basics of getting older. How does an older dog move? What’s going on in his body? We’ll also look at different breeds and the likely lifespan of each. Some dogs are destined for longer lives while others might only grace us for a short (but wonderful) period of time.

Chapter 3 – Health concerns. There are a myriad of health concerns relating to older dogs. From cancer to hip dysphasia, we’ll cover some of the most common health concerns of older dogs. Knowing what might lie ahead and educating yourself can help you down the line if you dog should suffer from one of the common aging dog ailments.

Chapter 4 – Food, and how your dog’s diet should change.

When your dog gets older, his dietary needs change, just as ours do. We’ll help you make some decisions about what to feed your older dog.

Chapter 5 – Exercising your older dog. Again, just like with us, your dog needs exercise even as he gets older. It will help him through the aging process, but you might have to make some small changes to your regular exercise routine to suit his aging body. We’ll let you in on a few dog trade secrets.

Grab this book for an informative read on caring for an older dog today!

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