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Ways to Prevent Your Dog Getting Run Over By a Car

The number one fear of any dog owner is that their dog will get out the front door and immediately run into the street where they will get hit by a car.

It's a horrible fate and one that even the best behaved dog is in danger of if you're not careful.

So, how do you stop your dog from running off and getting hit by a car? There are a few specific training exercises that will get your dog in line.

But, be prepared to pour a bit of effort into the process. After all, they want out that door.

Keeping Them in the House

Number one, and always most important is to keep your dog in the house. Most dogs that get away and hit, are ones that managed to sneak out the door to enjoy the great outdoors. You can't blame them. It's all they want - a chance to get outside and see everything the world has to offer.

But, simply sticking your foot out when you go out the door isn't going to get the job done. You need to teach her that the door is yours and they cannot go through it. To do this, train them to sit and wait whenever you go near the door.

You'll need to set a boundary near your door and not let your dog ever pass this boundary without your leave. Everyone in the family will need to abide by the same rules - something that can often be hard to control in dog boundary training.

As you train her, provide treats whenever she sits and waits successfully for you to open the door. Eventually, if you can go to the door, open it and step foot outside without your dog trying to go with you, you'll be able to worry far less when someone else opens that door.

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Leash Training and Curb Control

Another important way to protect your dog is to properly train them on a leash. A dog that has proper respect of the leash and the space they have available to the outside is far less likely to run away if the leash falls.

To do this, never let your dog pull ahead of you. Additionally, don't let your dog sniff anything without getting your go ahead. I like to control the pace of the walk for 15 minutes before letting my dog sniff anything. Then, the sniffing becomes a reward that you offer up for their good walking.

Additionally, always have your dog sit and wait patiently at curbs and corners. Your dog should never be permitted to cross the street without your express permission.

This creates the same effect as not letting them near the door. They will eventually recognize that the street is something they do not have leave to pass without you. Ideally, if all else fails, they will then stop at the curb if they do get outside, instead of running openly into the street.

Keeping a Close Eye on Your Dog

With all the precautions in the world, it is impossible to ensure your dog never gets out the front door or pulls the leash out of your hand. That is why training is so incredibly important. As you can see, it is not just for your convenience - but for the dog's safety.

The second you start letting your dog run off down the street without you or giving them free reign over the yard, you teach them that they have no boundaries outside. Cars become a much more enticing target when this happens. You need to learn how to stop your dog from chasing cars with strict discipline.

Your goal should be to protect them, keeping them away from threats like the street. Do that and this is a fate you'll never need to worry about.

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