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Training Puppy the First Week

Training puppies the first week is usually difficult. This is because they are learning new things and adjusting to the changes that accompany the move to your house.

During this time, there are a lot of people handling the puppy and it is sometimes hard to keep up with all that is going on.

The first week of training is crucial since this is when the ground rules are set and it also acts as a marker for what is to come in the following weeks. In the first week, there are some important things to keep in mind

- The puppy requires a lot of rest especially during the first few days. Do not engage the puppy in activities that will tire him for too long. Remember, living in a new house can be overwhelming. O,o let the puppy rest, this will help him adjust faster.

- The puppy may cry during the first few nights. Puppies are used to nestling close to their mother and litter mates, the separation is not easy for the puppy and those first few nights may be difficult. Do not pay the puppy attention as this may encourage the behaviour.

If you want the puppy to be independent, let him be. You can help his transition by providing him with a blanket to keep him warm or placing hot water bottles underneath his blanket to keep him warm.

Some people say that placing a ticking clock near the puppy’s sleeping area helps ease the loneliness. I can’t disapprove since I have never tried it but if it works for you, then why not?

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Potty training your pup is one of the first things you have to do. Potty training if done correctly can usually be achieved in a week’s time. Dogs are naturally reluctant to soil where they live. You can use this to your advantage when toilet training your puppy.

Restrict the puppy to a certain area of the house. The area should be large enough for the puppy to move around but not so large that the puppy can soil it and still have enough room to do something else.

You may use a crate for this potty training or a box. Confine the puppy to this area, you may feed him in the crate or outside but ensure the puppy spend the night in the crate or box. After feeding or watering take the puppy to potty and do not take him back to his living quarters till he has eliminated. The puppy also needs to potty after sleep and in the morning.

- Be consistent with any kind of training in the first week. It is easy to ignore puppies when they misbehave because they look so adorable, do not let yourself get caught up in the excitement and forget to correct bad behaviour.

The essence of training in the first week is so that you can teach the puppy how to behave and make the desired behaviour part of the puppy. This way, as the puppy grows, the behaviour will become part of their routine almost as if they had it all along.

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