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Tips for Removing Dog Odour from the House

remove dog odour from homesYou love your dog - I get that. But, let's face it. Not every dog smells like sunshine and roses. Some dogs like to roll around in the mud. Others eat poop. Others still will find whatever garbage there is outside and do horrible things with it.
And somehow, no matter what your dog gets into, they always come out on the other end smelling about the same.
But, there are things you can do to remove that unwanted odor from your furniture and home that don't require putting a hazmat suit on your dog.
Cleaning Your Dog
Step one is to clean your dog on a regular basis. The biggest problem that dog odor infested houses have is that the dog isn't cleaned regularly enough. If you can't take the necessary time to wash your dog, of course he's going to spread his smell all over your nice chairs.

But, don't wash your dog too much - it's not healthy for them to get baths more than every month or so. You'd be surprised how much of a positive effect that can have though.

Additionally, keep your dog's bed or sleeping space clean. You shouldn't be letting your dog sleep on furniture if possible, but if he does, consider having him sleep in a crate that can be cleaned once a week or more to remove any odors.
Your dog will probably smell less in the winter, so you can reduce the number of baths you give in the cold months. If the smell persists just as strongly, your dog may have a health problem that needs to be dealt with.
Cleaning the House
When it comes to cleaning your house from dog odours, the type of smell you're experiencing will determine what you use to remove it. If you're suffering from a urine based odor, you need to have your carpets cleaned extremely well.

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A great product that I find works wonders for spot cleaning of small messes is Nature's Miracle. This chemical free carpet cleaner will remove all odor from hot spots on your carpet so your dog doesn't feel the urge to keep marking his territory.
If there is a home-wide smell, you should have a professional cleaner come in and steam clean your carpets. You can also rent these machines from most grocery stores for $35 a day or so. The upholstery will likely need to be cleaned as well.
If you find that you need to have your furniture cleaned, don't just clean the surfaces. Get into the cushions and under the couches and clean the entire surface. These odors, especially the wet dog smell, can permeate your home in ways that you might not expect.
Finally, if you simply don't like the smell of your dog from day to day, don't forget the air fresheners and odor removers that are on the market. With good puppy potty training methods and dog training, you could eliminate some of these problems caused by behavioural problems.
One of my favorites is Febreeze -a simple spray that will cover up most smells without any issues. They even make special pet odor removing sprays that will cut into the carpets and furniture to remove those scents.
A wall plug-in from Glade can also be very useful for removing unwanted smells on a recurring basis. There are plenty of scents and most only require monthly refills.
Ultimately, the smell your dog leaves behind when he goes outside and drags it all into the house should be easy to remove. Your biggest issue will be if your dog makes messes in the house. If that happens, you should learn how to prevent inappropriate urination and defecation first and worry about cleaning later. 
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