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Stop Your Dog's Chewing Habit With Bully Sticks

There could be many reasons why your dog has picked up a chewing habit. Figuring out the reason behind the chewing will determine how you can stop the behavior.

One of the best resources found to stop this habit, is to replace what the dog is chewing on destructively with something that is constructive.

Dogs have a natural instinct to chew and you can stop your dog’s chewing habit with Bully Sticks. It is a natural stick that is safe and will keep your animal busy chomping for some time.

The Reason Why Dogs Love To Chew

Everyone knows that puppies go through a chewing stage until they get their permanent teeth, but did you know that once the new teeth are in it could be up to two years for these permanent choppers to set. The first two years the urge to chew is very strong for most dogs.

Without this stage of chewing the animal is apt to have dental problems for the rest of his life, so it is important to allow your pet to chew on safe items that will build strong teeth and gums. Once your dog has passed this critical time, the chewing behavior can become a habit due to boredom or being alone to long.

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Why Use Bully Sticks For Your Pet?

Bully Sticks are one hundred percent pure and natural that come from beef. The bully stick is cured in such a way that the longevity of the sticks lasts longer than most commercially made dog treats. Since they are so strong the product will work when it comes to setting permanent teeth, as well as keeping your animal’s mouth healthy.

The other advantage to the Bully Stick is that there is little or no odor to them which allows for use in a home. If you want to stop your dog’s chewing habit with Bully Sticks it is important to replace any undesirable chewing item with the stick.

How To Train Your Dog What To Chew

Training your dog what to chew requires that you be available when he starts chewing or is chewing. A pet will not understand that he has done something wrong if you leave him during the day and he chews your favorite shoes, only to be yelled at four hours later when you get home.

Eventually the dog will sense that your anger has to do with him which will create further bad behavior. To teach your pet the difference between what is acceptable and what is not, place both items next to each other. When you see the dog go for the unacceptable item tell him to leave it, and offer him the correct item while praising him.

By stopping your dog’s chewing habit with Bully Sticks, you will be giving your pet the safest, natural product in breaking the cycle of chewing. When you reward your dog for choosing the right item, your pet will quickly learn what is acceptable and what is not and you will both benefit.

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