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Stop Dog Barking Problem And Enjoy A Quiet Companion

When you want a good night’s sleep nothing is worse than hearing a dog barking in the background. Dogs have a natural instinct to bark, and there may be several reasons for it, but for humans it can be very annoying. 

Whether it is your dog or the neighbor’s pet, if barking is excessive there needs to be remedies to stop the behavior. There are several ways to stop dog barking problems.

These can either be through training your dog (if it is your dog) not to bark, or purchasing devices that will teach your dog that barking is not acceptable.

There are several anti-bark devices available today that will curtail the excessive barking dog. They are considered humane and will solve the problem of the barking, but it also important to look into the cause of the barking.

Sometimes spending more time with your pet, or taking them for a brisk walk before leaving or retiring can have the same effect that an artificial device. There are available sprays, collars, and boxes that are quite efficient in stopping the barking problem.

Ultra Sound Dog Collars For Your Talkative Friend

The newest collar around is an ultra sound dog collar that is very lightweight and causes no harm to your dog. It has an ultrasound frequency that is released when your dog barks then shuts off when he stops. Although humans will not hear this sound the dog will and he will not like it. It is a high pitched sound that annoys the dog and teaches him that barking is uncomfortable.

Ultra Sound Box

The Ultra Sound Box has been around a long time and uses the same concept as the collars. The sound box is a great idea if the barking dog is your neighbor. There are many times that it is a neighboring dog that is being annoying not your dog. It is not always practical to fight with the neighbor.

This waterproof box is battery charged and can be discreetly hidden in your yard. The nice thing about this device is that no one has to know why the dog next door is no longer barking all hours of the day. The ultra sound technique is only heard by dogs and is harmless.

Spray Collars

An alternative to the ultra sound collars are the citronella spray collars. The dogs do not like the smell of the spray but it is not offensive to people. This is to have the same effect of spraying water on the dogs face when you are home. There is some concern with this product that it will make the dog sneeze, and when he does sneeze the collar will release another spray which will make the dog sneeze again and again.

Whatever device you choose to stop dog barking problems, remember to reinforce the positive action of not barking and removing the collars when you are home so the dogs can learn that barking is not a punishment but something that is not to be done.

Dog Aggression

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