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How To Control Dog Barking - Get Some Quiet Time

It is a dog’s natural instinct to bark; it is their voice sending a message to you of something that is wrong or something that they need.

So if your dog is excessively barking and becoming a nuisance, it is possible that you will need to know how to control dog barking.

There may be many reasons for a dog barking all the time, but the common reasons are that they are bored, frustrated, or scared of something. Sometimes it can be that they have too much energy and will release it through barking.

Discovering the reason behind the barking and changing the environment maybe the simplest resolution.

Discovering The Source Of The Dog Barking Problem

The best way to discover why your dog is barking is to go to him while he is barking to see what he is barking at. Tell your dog “NO” so that he knows that you do not approve of the barking. Then when he is quiet give him praise and a reward so that he knows that good behavior is not barking.

If you just call him in and you will not have the opportunity to know what it is and will miss the opportunity to teach him not to bark. If your dog is barking while you are away or at night then you will need to discover how to control his behavior. Be consistent in both your commands

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Dog Barking While Away

If your dog is fine when you are home but starts the barking routine when you are gone then there is a problem. It can be very disturbing to your neighbors as well as yourself if it is at night and you are sleeping.

Dogs are meant to sleep a lot so leaving a dog during the day should not be a problem unless they have pent up energy, are bored, or are lonely. This can be remedied by taking your dog for a long walk or doing some other form of exercise before leaving your dog for the day or in the evening. This will tire out your pet and he will enjoy sleeping.

Stop Dog Barking While Home

If your dog is consistently barking while you are home it is possible that it has become a habit from something learned from you. We do not always know how our actions will be understood by our pet, such as howling with a dog. This behavior may have been fun at the time but may have taught the dog that it is okay to howl.

One way of controlling the behavior is by taking a spray bottle of water and when the dog is barking tell him sternly “NO” and lightly spray water on his face. This will get the pets attention and tell him it is no appropriate at that time.

Dogs want companionship and want to please their owners, so take the time to know how to control dog barking, and then take the steps necessary to prevent excessive barking. Let your dog be your best friend.

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