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Dealing With A Constantly Whining Dog

If you want help with dealing with a constantly whining dog, first you have to understand what whining is and what it means.

As annoying as the whining may be, the actual act of whining is natural on dogs. It is called a whine, but it is more of a want.

The dog with its whining is telling you that it wants or needs something. A little of it is perfectly fine, but if you have an obsessive dog it can become an irritating habit.

When we say that whining is natural all you have to do is go back to puppyhood. Dogs whine because they need their mom, and when they are separated from their mom they whine some more.

What Does It Want?

Dealing with a constantly whining dog may seem like something impossible, but it is not. You just have to look at what you are doing or what is happening around you that is triggering the behavior. Perhaps you are eating something and the dog may want some of it. Maybe it knows that a family member is approaching the home. Maybe it wants to go outside for its business.

The whining on this type of situations could have been prevented by not giving the dog food from the plate, not being excited when you get home or by regular scheduled walks. Since your dog is already a whining nightmare, chances are that it is too late for that. So how do you solve it?

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Stopping The Behavior.

Your first instinct may be to pet your dog to try to make it feel better. Although that may work on some human adults, on dogs you are simply doing the total opposite of the correct action. Unfortunately the dog sees this consolation as an encouragement of the whining instead of a way to stop it. Because you are showing it affection at the time when it is whining, your dog will associate the whining with it.

That is the last thing you want because then it will whine when it wants your attention because it knows it will get it. As cruel as it may sound the best thing to do when your dog whines is to ignore it, and show all the affection during quiet and relaxed times. For this kind of training, it’s important to reward the dog when it’s silent and not before.

Use Distraction

Another way of dealing with a constantly whining dog is to distract it from the whining. How do you do that? You can accomplish the distraction by giving your dog some commands that it will do. Once those commands are done then you can reward your dog as long as it is no longer whining.

The commands should put your dog’s brain into a different gear and it will leave the whining face to go to the obey command face. The obeying of commands is a perfectly good time to reward your dog on that action, so if the last action was to sit, then make sure you tell it that it was a good sit.

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