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Senility & Cognitive Dysfunction in Dogs

When a dog gets older it may start showing signs of senility and cognitive dysfunction. This may become a sad time for owners and a confusing one for the dog.

When the signs start you should be ready for them because the moment that the symptoms start, at that moment your dog’s needs have changed.

Unfortunately there is little that can be done to prevent these kinds of things on dogs. If your dog is a senior already you may observe some of the symptoms.

Your dog may not be responsive to its name even when recently it would jump and wag its tail at the sound of your voice. Even loss of bladder control and difficulty eating can become signs of senility and cognitive dysfunction.

Treatments for Senility & Cognitive Dysfunction In Dogs

Although there is no cure for cognitive dysfunction there are treatments that can extend the quality of life that your dog has. You should consult your veterinarian for options available to your dog. A lot of dogs respond well to some medicines and you can see the difference almost immediately.

But you should keep in mind that although your dog may be one of the dogs that respond well to the medicine, that does not mean that it is a cure. However the medicine will give you some extra time with your best friend. Do not think that it is normal for a dog to suffer of cognitive dysfunction because it isn’t. Dogs slow down with age, but they do not lose interest in life.

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The Signs Of Senility & Cognitive Dysfunction In Dogs

As the owner of an older dog it is prudent to recognize the signs of senility in your dog. If your dog seems to start getting lost in familiar places like your house or yard or it seems confused about where to go, that may be a sign of senility. Other signs include loss of interest in family members and a loss of bladder control.

A dog going through senility will sometimes go to the bathroom inside the house, not because it is a bad dog, but because it is being affected by senility. You should not punish your dog for accidents that it may have inside, remember it may not even know what it is doing.

Patience, Understanding And Love

As stated before this can be a traumatic time for both you and your dog, but this is not the time to lose your patience. It is the time to cherish all the moments that you have had with your dog. These are difficult moments, but they are still moments that you will share with each other. Show your best friend the same love that you always showed it.

Take your dog for a walk that it can enjoy. Senility takes things from your dog, but you do not have to be one of them. It can also be a time of mixed signals from your dog, so be sure to visit the vet regularly. The vet would be able to tell if your dog is suffering from other things.

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