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Schutzhund Training Lessons | Schutzhund Puppy Training

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Schutzhund is a canine sport that originated in Germany. This sport was originally created as a test to determine if German Shepherds were suitable working dogs.

Schutzhund is now a sport in which different dog breeds can take part in. Although the sport is open to various breeds, very few dogs successfully pass the evaluations.

Schutzhund training is helpful in selecting the best working dogs. The dogs are required to pass numerous tests that will determine if they hold the necessary traits to be successful.

These characteristics include;

• Bravery
• Intelligence
• Determination
• Protectiveness
• Easy to train
• Loyalty to their owner/trainer
• Drive to work

Besides psychological traits, Schutzhund also requires tests to determine physical capabilities. These tests are used to measure the level of strength, endurance, and scent capacity.

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There are three levels in Schutzhund training; SchH1, SchH2, and SchH3. In order to be considered for Schutzhund 1, the canine must first pass the B test. The B test will judge for fundamental obedience as well as reactions to different situations.

The dog must remain calm and confident with strangers (including people and other animals). The dog must also be able to withstand being in a loud environment and in traffic. Canines that panic or show any sign of aggression will not pass the test and cannot move on to SchH1.

A canine must undergo a test that consists of three phases to be able to enter any of the three Schutzhund levels. Tracking, obedience, and protection are the three phases that will be judged to decide whether the dog will enter into a Schutzhund level or not.

Tracking is the phase in which scent, physical strength, and mental tranquility are challenged. The dog will have to find small objects in a field by using his scent. Each time the dog finds an object, he will have to lay down holding the object in between his paws. The score for this phase depends on the dogs’ ability to follow the track and how careful he is when performing the task.

In the obedience phase, the dog has the opportunity to work with another canine and with his trainer. One dog will wait on the side of the field in a laying position, while the other performs. The dogs will switch places as indicated by the handler.

Heeling and other several commands are included in the dog obedience training phase. The test is further complicated by loud gunshot noises. The canine must not be distracted and remain calm. In the last phase, the dog will have to show his capability to protect himself and his handler. This will be done by ordering the dog to attack and release. The dog will need to have great mental control to succeed in this phase.

Schutzhund training allows people to choose the ideal working dogs. These dogs can be used for police work, search and rescue, and for scent detection. Schutzhund trained dogs actually make a great addition to the community. This training method has proved to be lifesaving in different occasions and in many parts of the world.

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Schutzhund Training | Schutzhund Puppy Training:

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    There are three phases to the Schutzhund; tracking, obedience, and protection. Each phase has specific things that the handler and the dog must do to qualify in the competition.
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    There are three phases to the Schutzhund; tracking, obedience, and protection. Each phase has specific things that the handler and the dog must do to qualify in the competition.
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    Schutzund had its beginning with the German Sheppard and their use as guard dogs. The word Schutzund is a German word meaning a dog that protects.
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