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Guard Dog Training Tips

Training a guard dog is not the same as training household pets. The training procedures are different and more closely watched by a trainer.

The reason is obvious, a guard dog has a lot of responsibility, not only for the people and the things it is guarding, but also for the people that may be in front of it when you are not there.

The dog must know how to act in certain situations and that is why a trainer must have experienced handling guard dogs. But how does a guard dog training session go?

If you are looking for guard dog training tips keep on reading.

What Is A Guard Dog?

What do you picture when you think of a guard dog? Is it an angry, lunging and snarling dog that is always ready to attack? That is the idea most people have of guard dogs, but the reality is much different. A guard dog is like any other dog 99 percent of the time, becoming a guard dog only when it needs to be. Think of a guard dog as your best friend who will do anything for you.

Like your best friend, a guard dog will share a lot of fun moments with you and will show you all the loyalty you can expect from a best friend. Like a best friend it will also protect you at the moment you need him the most. The reason a guard dog does not need to be a guard dog all the time is because the mere sight of it will make someone think twice before entering your property.

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A Great Guard Dog

How good a guard dog is depends on what level guard dog you want. Do you want a dog that will alert you when you need to know about someone in your house, or do you want one that will defend you and itself without thinking twice about it?

Most of the people will go for the first option as it seems to be enough for most people, but the second option can be a good one for those looking for an added level of protection. A great watch dog will be a smart dog. Some breeds in general will do better than others like for example German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s which are known for their intelligence and independent thinking.

The Training

This kind of training is not the kind that will take 3 visits to a trainer. In fact it almost feels like the training never ends. It starts with socialization. The dog should be exposed to as many sights, sounds and people as possible. Socialization is the most important part of the training. After that, you will move to obedience, also very important to put you as the alpha dog. Rules are next. You want the dog to understand what it can and cannot do in your house.

Finish with leadership, and the leader must be you. An independent guard dog without a clear leader will become the leader itself and that can lead to bad experiences. Guard dog training tips are many, but using the services of a professional dog trainer is the most important one.

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