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Advanced Dog Training For Schutzund Competitions And Courses

Schutzund had its beginning with the German Sheppard and their use as guard dogs. The word Schutzund is a German word meaning a dog that protects.

Many police departments started training for Schutzund to use in their canine programs. Since the dogs also became protection for the officer handling him, the bond between them became very strong.

This created a venue for other dog owners, and Schutzund clubs were established, which lead to competitions on all levels.

Once the basic training was done many handlers and trainers moved on to advanced dog training for Schutzund.

A well trained Schutzund dog is both reliable and obedient. They grow to be fearless and trust their handler to command them correctly, to the point that they will ignore their natural instincts. A part of the training that is required is that they are sociable and friendly as well as aggressive and alert if needed.

This requires a certain type of dog that is even tempered and has intelligence. It will also require a relationship to be acquired between dog and handler. The advanced dog training for Schutzund will be required to pass all the tests in each phase of a competition.

Knowing Your Dog Can Track

housebreaking a puppy

One phase of the Schutzund is tracking; it demonstrates the dog’s focus and concentration on the task at hand. This phase shows that the dog can work without the handler telling him what to do. The advance training for this portion of Schutzund will be the objects hidden out of sight, and the dog finding them without any indication where they maybe. It requires a larger field with blinds that can hide objects. The field will have obstructions that may hinder the search. The advance tracking is more about how the dog identifies the object.

Advance Obedient Training

Advance obedient training requires that the dog be able to respond to a command no matter what is going on. The dog’s focus is completely on the handler and what he is telling him to do. Most advance training in obedience is done with distractions and commotions that may cause the dog to waver in his concentration.

This will test his sound capability and test the dog’s nerves. Shooting off a shot gun a few times at different intervals will show if the dog is skittish. Another test is having him run away from the handler and the handler commanding him to lie down, which will test the dog’s reaction to the command.

Advance Training for Protection

Protection training is the most complicated and hardest to train because it requires the dog to attack then stop when commanded. It actually is against the dog’s natural instinct to trust that the handler knows best. The test requires that a third person, called a decoy, attack the handler at different times and the dog must stop the decoy by attacking the padded arm. The dog must then cease on command.

When you begin advanced dog training in Schutzhund you will realize that it requires as much concentration from the handler as well as the dog.

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