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Stop Puppy Chewing Problem

Chewing in puppies is very natural and most of the time will start at around the time the puppy is teething.

Though this behaviour is natural, it should be controlled early to avoid destructive tendencies later in life. To bring this behaviour under control, one should understand what causes the puppy to chew on things.

Some puppies will chew on things because they are trying out their teeth, others will do it since they are bored. In correcting this behaviour here’s what you ought to do:

- Offer the puppy something to chew. This should be something acceptable such as a chew toy. Do not offer the dog old shoes or clothes since the puppy will not be able to distinguish between the old shoes and new one. So, if you do not want to find your puppy sinking his teeth into your new pair of designer shoes, ensure that you offer him the correct thing to chew on.

- Keep the puppy occupied with other activities to dissuade him from chewing. You can make him a play area with lots of toys and things that will catch his interest and keep him occupied. This will ensure that your puppy does not get the chance to wander around and chew on other stuff.

- You can confine the puppy in a crate; this is to restrict his movement. The confinement is necessary for puppies that chew on things when they are not being watched. Such puppies should be confined any time you cannot keep track of them e.g. when you are leaving the house or if something else has your attention.


- Place the puppy in an area where there is nothing to chew. You can keep the puppy in the bathroom ensuring that any chords or plastics are kept way out of the dog’s reach. The puppy should be given a toy when n such a place so that he does not get bored.

- If stress or anxiety is what causes the puppy to chew on things, then you can help the puppy by keeping him relaxed and avoiding situations that might be distressing for him.

- You can make the objects the puppy targets for chewing less enticing for the puppy by applying a sour tasting substance on them. This is an effective method to prevent your dog chewing on your personal stuff. After a few tries, the puppy will grow out of chewing on furniture and shoes.

- Ensure the puppy gets enough exercise. This will help keep him fit and less attracted to more destructive behaviour such as chewing. Puppies need mild exercise to keep them active, the amount of exercise will vary based on the size of the dog and also on the type of exercise.

- Puppies should never be left unsupervised. Puppies like to explore and experiment and if left to make their own choices they may become very destructive. Remember, dogs do not reason as we do. If it’s fun, your puppy will just get into it without stopping to think if it is right or wrong.

Lastly, proper training is also a good way to stop chewing in puppies. Obedience training will help you keep the puppy well behaved.

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