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Don’t Let Your Puppy Get Used to Making Messes

Puppies, if left to their own devices can turn your life upside down. They may look adorable on t.v. and even when you get them from the breeders. However, for the puppy to be disciplined and act accordingly a lot of training and patience is required.

The simplest kind of training you can offer your dog is by preventing bad behaviour from becoming rooted in your dog.

This is usually done by correcting the puppy any time they make a mess and showing them what to do instead. In order to achieve desired results, it is always wise to nip any undesirable behaviour early.

It is not always easy to prevent your puppy from making a mess. Most of the time, your puppy will make a mess when left unsupervised or when your attention shifts to something else. In such cases, the first thing to do is take the puppy away from the mess. If the puppy is not done, then you may move the puppy to the potty area till he is done. Praise the puppy when he is done.

Clean up the mess then thoroughly clean the area using appropriate detergents and ensure that you do not leave a scent that may make the puppy to return to the same area to potty. Puppies can smell even the faintest of odours that might be insignificant to the human nose. You can also soak the urine with newspaper and place one of them in the desired potty area.

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Never let the puppy to get away with making a mess. While it is not wise to punish the puppy for a mess they made hours ago, ensure that in future you supervise the puppy’s movements to avoid a repeat of the same.

The puppy should also learn to view you as his master. Make it clear from the start who is in control. If the puppy gets away with making a mess, he might think it is ok and repeat this again and again.

To stop undesirable behaviour early, keep in mind the following

- The dog may be acting up as a way to get your attention. If the puppy thinks that the only time you pay attention to him is when he has made a mess, he will make it a habit. In such a case, ignore the puppy and only pay attention to the puppy when he does the correct thing, lavish him with praise.

- At times, the puppy just can’t hold it in, never lose your temper with a puppy for making a mess. The puppy might become scared and start exhibiting submissive urination. Be calm in your response, do not shout or yell at the puppy. Punishment does not teach, in fact it may make the behaviour worse.

- When training the dog to behave accordingly, go slow. Take your time when training the puppy. Some puppies may take some time before they start responding to training. Be patient with the puppy.

The rule of thumb while training is to be consistent.

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