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Pomeranian Training

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Training your Pomeranian should not be a challenge. Pomeranians are ranked number 23 out of 79, on the dog intelligence list.

With your dogs’ intelligence and your effort, it will be easy to train your Pomeranian. Following these steps can also help you with Pomeranian training.

Before beginning training with your Pomeranian, make sure he gets use to wearing a leash and a dog collar.

Pomeranians will sometimes be frightened by having a leash and color placed on them, and they can also be scared of the noise they make. Have your Pomeranian wear these items until your dog is comfortable wearing them. These will be necessary supplies for your dog to thrive in training. 

Once your dog is ready to begin training, make a list of the commands you would like to teach him. Use a single command at a time. When your Pomeranian has succeeded in learning one command, you can go to the next one on your list.

Start with easy-to-learn commands such as “down” and “sit” so you and your Pomeranian can build your confidence. This will make it easier to teach more difficult commands in the future.

Pomeranians love when you praise them for doing a good job. A small reward such as a treat or verbal appraisal can be really motivating to your Pomeranian. Reward should be given immediately after your dog has completed a task so that he knows what he is being rewarded for. Using rewards is a way to gain your dogs’ trust and will also create a great bonding experience.

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Lastly, do not give up on Pomeranian training. It is possible that your Pomeranians’ short attention span can become an obstacle for training. Keep the training sessions short (at most 10 minutes) so that your dog can concentrate for longer periods.

Training should only be performed two to three times a day. You can also choose to include short breaks in between each session. Use this time to play with your Pomeranian so he can release the energy that is bundled up inside him. Once your Pomeranian becomes use to the training routine, he will learn at a faster pace.

Do not use harsh words or physical punishment to train your Pomeranian. They are sensitive dogs and will feel vulnerable once you start using this behavior. Physical punishment and screaming will only teach your Pomeranian that aggression is acceptable.

This can lead to your Pomeranian exhibiting unwanted behavior such as aggression. Correcting your Pomeranians’ aggressive behavior is much more complicated than teaching him basic manners and commands. Stick to positive reinforcement as your primary training approach.

Training your Pomeranian is not a goal that is hard to reach. They are intelligent and learn faster than most breeds. It is up to you to explore your Pomeranians’ personality so you can find an appropriate training routine. If needed, try using different routines for the first few days.

This is only so you can find which training method works best. It is not recommended to keep changing the training because this can cause your Pomeranian to be confused. Once you find a suitable training method stick to it.

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