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Pomeranian Obedience Training Tips

Training every dog, even a Pomeranian basic obedience is absolutely essential for everyone's peace of mind – everyone within earshot. These dogs are a toy breed and like most toy breeds, very vocal.

Let a stranger walk past their fence, they will protect their territory – vocally, but also physically, if they had to do so. They are small but brave.

Pomeranians have an attitude of superiority, often not accepting "No" for an answer easily. Intelligence lets them manipulate their owners to get what they want. Without training, they could become quite the little terrors of the house.

Because we know this about Pomeranians, we also know that early puppy training will make for a much better pet. We also know that Pomeranians, because of their attitude, think they don't have to listen to anyone. There are, however, methods to gain the upper hand of these little dogs' behavior.

Basic Pomeranian Obedience Training Tips:

Socialization And Potty Training

The Pomeranian must be socialized very early in order to curb some of their natural instinct of barking at every new item in their surroundings, every new person they meet. Potty training is not always the easiest with small breeds, but definitely not impossible. The key is patience and immediate correction when the Pom tries to do his business behind the couch.

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Sit And wait Or ‘Stay’

This will help to prevent the Pomeranian from getting underfoot at the door. He has to wait until told that he can get up. This also permits guests to enter without being pummeled by the Pomeranian. Teaching your Pomeranian to stay has two purposes.

One, he will learn to obey a command. Two, it will help him to learn that he will not be abandoned and help curb any separation anxiety he may otherwise develop. We all know how destructive separation anxiety can be.

Come Or The Recall

This command needs willingness and dedication. The Pomeranian's natural inquisitiveness and independence not to mention stubbornness may be almost too strong to overcome. Time and patience are very important.

The Best Pomeranian Obedience Training Tips For All Purposes

You will want to make sure to always use lots of praise. As soon as your Pomeranian has successfully executed a command, lavishly praise him. During your training sessions remember that consistency in training methods, commands and time are critical. Rewarding him for a job well done; give him a treat, tell him how wonderful he is will get you the best results. Also remember to not reward him for slip-ups.

When he doesn't do so well, do not treat him but do not punish him either, they will do better when he realizes the benefit of being obedient. Keep training time short; don't prolong a training session for an extended period of time. Dogs usually won't be attentive for longer than a quarter of an hour and even that may be stretching it on some days. It’s also a good idea to keep vocabulary simple and consistent.

Remember, that most of our vocabulary reaches their brain as "blah, blah, blah." Only consistent words, one word for one task, will give them an understanding of what is expected of them.

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