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Characteristics of Pomeranian Dogs

Pomeranian dogs claim their descent from Sled dogs of Iceland and Lapland. These dogs were officially recognized in U.K in 1870 and 22 years later in 1892 they started gaining recognition in the U.S.

This dog is known for its great temperament and its ability to fit in almost any environment. Despite their small size, this dog has a bubbly spirit and is also very intelligent.


Pomeranians are small in size, with a short back and a tail that is turned over the back which is characteristic of the breed. They are double coated breeds with a long and straight outer coat. An extremely dense inner coat only makes the outer coat stand out more.


They have a wedge shaped head with a pair of small and erect ears. The hair covering the head should be short, long hair on this part of the body is undesirable.


They have a short neck and back with a very well packed in body. The tail which makes this breed stand out is carried over the back of the dog and lies flat on the dog’s back, it has a generous covering of hair that gives it the appearance of a plume of feathers.


This is a double coated breed. The inner coat is dense and fluffy, while the outer coat is long in length and stands out because of its glistening nature.  The coat is unevenly spread over the body with the head and legs having more compact and short hair while other areas such as the neck, shoulders and chest have longer coat length

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There is no definite colour that defines this breed. Most Pomeranians have variations in colour as well as patterns of colour. Colours that have been associated with this breed of dog are black, brown and sable.

Patterns include black and tan, parti-colour. More patterns are considered especially unique and are often as a result of targetted breeding.


Are minute dogs with their ideal weight ranging from 3 to 7 pounds? However any weight in between is most desirable as it ensures that the dog is not too light or edging towards the heavier side.


While the characteristics mentioned above will be true for most purebred Pomeranians, some may be different. Thus if you intend to get a dog that will qualify for dog shows, more research is advised into the individual characteristics the judges will take into consideration. A good source for such kind of information is the internet or pamphlets provided by organisers of such dogs shows.

Books published by kennel club’s also provide useful insight since they give a detailed account of descriptions of the various breeds as well as what the judges look for in breeds displayed including what faults will be penalised. It should also be noted that some Pomeranians may have in their ancestry become mixed with other breeds and this will alter the way they look.

Even if two Pomeranians are alike in physical appearance their temperament and mental soundness may be very different.

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