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How to Stop Your Dog Digging Under the Fence

Digging is a whole lot of fun for your dog. Not only is it one of those things that he is born to do - like chewing or barking - but it's a great way to pass the time and it is incredibly physically therapeutic.
But, even if you don't care too much about whether he digs your yard up, the fence is another matter.

Digging under the fence is dangerous and can lead to dogs getting out and terrorizing neighbours or running down the street, possibly even getting hit by a car.
So, it's important, both for your yard and your neighbours, as well as your dog's health to keep them in the yard.
The Digging Itself

It's very hard to stop a dog from digging if that's what he has on his mind. There are a few dog digging solutions you can do, however, to minimize it.

   * Exercise Them - Most digging is because of boredom and excess energy. The easiest way to deal with that is simply to wear them out. Make sure your dog gets walks daily, even with a large backyard. 
   * Give them Toys - Excess energy is different from boredom, though they are often linked. In either case, if you can focus their energy and boredom into a toy rather than the ground, you'll reduce the need for digging as a source of entertainment. This is a good dog training advice that you should implement as it aids in pet bonding as well.
   * Special Digging Space - When your dog simply refuses to stop digging, give them a special space that can be used just for digging. A kiddie pool full of sand or an enclosed dirt run will both make your dog very happy and reduce any unwanted dig sites.

   * Less Time Outside - Finally, you can just take your dog inside more. Sure, they want to be outside, but if you cannot be there to watch over them, your only option may be to limit the time spent out there.

These things will all help to reduce the amount of time your dog likes to spend digging up your hard, and hopefully how often he digs at the fence.

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Blocking Your Fence
However, if a dog wants to dig, it's going to be nearly impossible, short of locking them up, to stop them. It's not a behaviour you can monitor constantly and most dogs will do it as soon as you walk away. So, you'll need to protect the space around the fence.

This can be done in a few ways. First, you can put chicken wire or mesh down over the soil around your fence. This will make it unpleasant and impossible for your dog to dig there. If they are really intent, they might dig further out, but that's rare and takes time. 

Another option is to encase your fence in concrete. Usually just a few inches of concrete under the fence will help to reduce digging there and will keep the dog from smelling what's on the other side - usually a driving force in the digging.

Of course, if you want to lay down concrete, you'll need to talk to your neighbors first as they might not be amenable to how it looks.
Protecting Your Dog

Ultimately, your goal needs to be to protect your dog and your neighbours. If that means keeping your dog out of the yard, you may not have an option. Most dogs, however, when exercised properly and kept busy will reduce their digging substantially.

Combine that with some safety precautions and regular check-ups and you'll almost never need to worry about the effects of a dog digging up your fence posts.

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