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How to Handle a Timid Older Dog

Many people who own a timid dog will not see that as a behavior issue, but rather as a personality trait. Though it could be a part of a dog’s personality, if not dealt with a timid dog can become aggressive.

First you have to understand the reason for your dog’s timidity. What is it that caused it to begin with? Sometimes we don’t notice that we may be enforcing a behavior by comforting a dog when it is scared.

For example a dog that becomes afraid the first time it hears thunder and gets comforted when it is scared will see its fear as acceptable because we are giving it attention at a moment when we should show confidence.

How To Handle A Timid Older Dog And Help It Face Its Fears

If you are to cure a timid dog you will want to show it that its fear is not very logical. If it is timid about going outside then you should take it outside. It is not natural for a dog to feel fear of the outdoors; they should be their happiest when you take them out for a walk.

If you do not feel comfortable because of possible negative reactions you should consult a dog trainer or a dog behavior expert. They will be able to give you a better plan of action and better yet assist you when getting your dog to face its fears. Once your dog realizes that there is nothing to be timid about you will see the change as if by magic.

Keep An Eye On Your Dog

You know your dog better than anybody and you can recognize the symptoms before they actually get any worst. It may be a change of speed while walking, a whine or growl, and even the hair on its back can be signs of a timid dog. When walking your dog you should always keep an eye on it. At the first sign of any of those symptoms you should correct right away.

Do not wait until your dog’s reaction is complete, you must stop it before it happens. So when you walk your dog, although you should walk with your head up high to emulate confidence you should do your best to look at the dog at all times to recognize the signs.

Prevention-So You Never Have To Learn How To Handle A Timid Older Dog

Of course you would not have to deal with a timid dog if its timidity was prevented in the first place. Socializing your dog is the most important step to avoid timidity in the future. Expose your dog to other dogs, people and animals. Let it hear the sounds and catch the scents.

This process is best accomplished by walking your dog every day at least twice a day so it gets used to the world. When your dog is familiar with the world around it then there is a lot less to be scared of, and that means a happier life for both you and your dog. Remember that if your dog is already timid you can consult an expert.

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