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How To Train Your Dog Not To Bite

One of the most important training for a dog is the training not to bite. Some dogs are mouthy and like to communicate with their mouths and others can have aggression problems.

A playful mouthy dog can get into trouble by biting even when it does not intend to hurt you or another person. If your dog bites a person, that can lead to fines for you as well as your dog being classified as dangerous.

That word dangerous can lead to you being evicted or worst, cause your dog being put to sleep. You as the owner must take responsibility and make sure that does not happen; so training your dog not to bite from an early age is very important.


Puppies will bite you and not because they are aggressive but because their gums may hurt. Remember their teeth are growing so biting you or your furniture provides some relief. That said you must make it clear that such behavior is unacceptable. But you can’t expect your puppy to stop biting if you do not replace your fingers or hands with something that it can use.

There are chew toys that make it fun to chew and can help you with how to train your dog not to bite. Those will help a great deal because the dog will want to bite its toy instead of you or your furniture. Another thing that works with puppies is when they bite you should ignore it. It may be difficult to resist its cuteness, but you must to make sure it understands that biting you is a bad thing.

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How To Train Your Dog Not To Bite And Be A Playful Grown Up

A playful grown dog can actually really hurt you if you do not take control of the situation. The best thing to do is to train your dog to remain on all fours. It may sound easier said than done, but the power is in your hands, literally.

When you come home or during play time do not over excite your dog. If your dog jumps on you when you come home then ignore it. Instead praise when it is on all fours and in a calm state. The trick is easy, you re enforce the actions you like while discouraging the ones that you don’t. Ignoring your dog is difficult sometimes especially when you have always greeted him the same way, but it must be done.

Aggressive Biting

This is the most difficult of the behaviors to correct. It is because of that that you should see a dog behavior specialist. You must understand where the aggression is coming from if you expect to control it and ultimately eliminate it. A dog behaviorist will have the experience to recognize symptoms and will be able to suggest the best course of action.

Understand that an aggressive dog is not a happy dog. There is something affecting it that is triggering this reaction. It is up to you take care of it. A lot of times exercise will eliminate aggression, but some times more will need to be done.

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