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Housebreaking 101

dog house breaking 101

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"Housebreaking a dog has been made easy in the form of this book. I had recently purchased a puppy and was looking for methods on training my new dog. Following the steps in this book had my new puppy fitting into the household in a matter of days!"

- Paul Johnson, Maryland, USA

Product Description

If you have a new puppy, or even a full-grown dog which hasn't caught on to where his bathroom is, you're not alone. In the wild, puppies depend upon their mother, and other members of their pack, to show them where the "bathroom" is. Your problem is that your puppy doesn't have those mentors around to help him figure it out. So, unless you want a smelly house, and you want to spend your days cleaning up messes on the rugs and floors, you've got to step in and assume the role.

Believe it or not, your dog doesn't want to make messes around the house. He really does want to have one place to do his "business." In fact, it's a natural instinct. The only problem is, he doesn't know where that "one place" is. The problem is, we're not dogs, so we don't have any idea how to communicate specific concepts like where to go when it's time for your dog to relieve itself. What's worse, when our dogs have an "accident", we respond in an entirely wrong manner.

Dogs don't get yelled at in the wild, and they don't get whacked on the nose with rolled-up newspapers either...

There is a training and discipline methodology that dogs naturally respond to, and they have been responding to that methodology since the first dog arrived on the planet and had puppies.

On the other hand, once you understand how dogs learn in the wild, you can quickly and easily get your dog to go exactly where you want him to without stressing out yourself, your family, or your dog. 

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