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Have Fun With Your Dog

 how to have fun with dogs
* 28 page ebook

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"What a great experience for both Maggie (my golden retreiver) and me ever since we bought this book. We are constantly rediscovering exciting stuff that we could use togther. Excellent information!"

- Karen Smithson, Florida

Product Description

This book covers everything you'll need to know about having fun with your dog. Here's a breakdown of what is inside this book.

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Games to play with your dog. These might games you can play inside, outside or at the park. We go be-yond “fetch”.

Chapter 3 – Teach your dog a sport. Your dog can enjoy many sports with you and we’ll show you how to find out if your dog is a good candidate for learning one.

Chapter 4 – Parks and dog walking – Give your dog a differ-ent view of the world by visiting dog parks and taking him on adventurous walks.

Chapter 5 – Dog camps – Did you know you can send your dog to camp? You can not only send him, but you can go along for the ride. We’ll show you how.

Chapter 6 – Day trippin’ – Hop in the car and take your dog on a journey you and he won’t soon forget. Dogs love to go places, and a little day trip is sure to cure what ails his need-to-be-active spirit.

Chapter 7 – Put your dog to work – Sometimes it’s fun to bring joy to other people. Your dog can learn search and rescue, or how to be a therapy dog. This is something that will likely bring the both of you great joy.

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