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Why French Bulldogs Make a Great Choice for a Home Pet

The French Bulldog breed has the ability to adapt to different lifestyles. They are also very affectionate and have a great temperament. This makes them the ideal house dog for most families.

These characteristics, along with other attributes are the reason why French Bulldogs make a great choice for a home pet.

For most people, having enough room is what keeps them from getting a dog. The French Bulldog breed does not require much room. They are perfectly content living in small houses and apartments.

French Bulldogs do fine with just having a place to sleep and move around in. Their small stature and size is also ideal for people that are physically disabled and for elderly people. What is most important to a French Bulldog is their owners’ affection.

It is not necessary for you to have a lot of time for a French Bulldog. In fact, French Bulldogs like staying home alone. They will usually use this time to lounge around the house doing whatever they desire.

If your French Bulldog is young, you will have to wait until he is fully trained and matured before you leave him alone in your home. Leaving a young French Bulldog alone can result in them destroying your house, or worse; they can get into mischief and become injured.

EQuine dog care

Little exercise requirement is another reason why French Bulldogs make a great choice for a home pet. Their exercise requirement is minimal; they are one of the few breeds that do not have a high demand for exercise. A 10 minute daily walk around your neighborhood is more than enough to keep a French Bulldog healthy and content.

Unlike other breeds, the French Bulldog breed is not one to get over excited about physical activity. This is mainly due to their intolerance to heat. This is a good thing for people that do not have enough time for an energetic dog.

Most people also worry about having to groom their dog. The French Bulldog only requires some brushing during the summer to help get rid of the loose hair. Their coat is short and thin; during the shedding season you will not have to worry about your house being contaminated with dog hair. Grooming your French Bulldog only requires the basics; bathing, nail clipping, and brushing when necessary.

The French Bulldogs’ exceptional temperament is greatly valued. They get along with just about anyone, including children. This is great for people that like having company over. Although the French Bulldog loves the human companionship, they will not hesitate to let you know if a stranger approaches the home.

They know how to alert their owner without getting over excited and barking obnoxiously. Barking can often times be very disturbing to neighbors. French Bulldogs are usually very quiet, making them ideal for apartment living and for people living in duplexes. For more information on this, read our article on behavior training for french bulldogs.

The French Bulldog is a well-rounded dog that fits most people’s lifestyles. Their endearing personality is hard not to adore. Everyone in the family can enjoy having a French Bulldog.

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