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Warm Climates and French Bulldogs

French Bulldog owners should be cautioned about the risks involved during hot weather. Warm climates and French Bulldogs do not do well together.

The French Bulldogs’ respiratory issues make it difficult for them to breathe and stay cool and can result in different health conditions in the bulldog. What are the ways you can keep your French Bulldog safe in warm weather?

You may be worried about your French Bulldog as the warm weather approaches, but there are a few tips you can use to help your dog get through the hot days.

1. Avoid taking your dog out during hot weather. This means no going for walks, exercising, and playing outdoors. Daily exercise should be done early in the morning or later at night when the climate is cooler.

2. If your dog is left alone in the house, make sure there is plenty of ventilation and if possible leave the air conditioner running. Never leave your French Bulldog locked inside the house with the windows closed; if your air conditioner system fails your dog will be in great danger.

3. Never leave your French Bulldog locked inside a vehicle. This is a common cause of canine fatality during the summer.

4. Do not leave your dog near a pool; French Bulldogs are notorious for not being able to swim.

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5. Do not leave your dog outside for long periods, especially if unsupervised. It is necessary for you to keep an eye on your French Bulldog in case he suffers a heat stroke or has any other health issue.

6. If you take your dog outdoors, keep him in shaded areas such as under a tree. Also remember not to rush your French Bulldog when walking and be sure to include breaks so he can have some water. This is especially important if when implementing an exercise regiment for your bulldog.

7. Encourage shedding by brushing your dogs’ coat twice a day to remove the loose hair. This will make the coat thinner and cooler.

8. Never place clothing on your dog during warm climates. This will only cause your dog to be overheated faster.

9. If your dog is in a hot environment, make sure you have cool water for drinking. You can also carry a spray bottle to gently sprinkle water on your dog. An ice pack may also be useful if placed on the dogs’ neck and back area to refresh him.

Remember that extreme temperature changes can cause your French Bulldog to go into shock. Try to use room temperature water when your dog is over heated. In case your dog suffers a heat stroke, take him to the nearest veterinary clinic as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you have water available you can soak your dog with it to try and lower his body temperature.

This guideline is for dealing with warm climates and French Bulldogs. These tips can be really helpful in preventing health issues in your dog. Hot temperatures are often dangerous for French Bulldogs if the owner is not aware of the basic care needed during warm climates.

When contemplating what to do to keep your French Bulldog cool, also think about the ways you and your family get through the hot summer days. The same techniques used for yourself can often times be helpful for your dog as well.

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