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Vital Needs of a French Bulldog

Each breed is distinct in the care that they need; in this case we will discuss the French Bulldogs’ basic needs.

Some attributes of the French Bulldog make it necessary to provide special care. They require a good quality diet, a shelter that is cool, regular health checks, and some form of exercise.

Discover what you need to do to for your French Bulldog to be happy and healthy.


Nutrition is a necessary component to the vital needs of French Bulldogs. A French Bulldog that is not active will require a dog food that is not high in calories and fat. Like for all breeds, it is healthier to stick with foods that are primarily composed of protein.

Do not feed your French Bulldog a diet that is high in grains such as; rice, corn, and soybeans. Apart from having little nutritional value, grains can cause your French Bulldog to develop health issues. Skin allergies and food allergies are the two most common health issues involved with feeding a mainly grain diet.


The French Bulldog breed is often described of as unenergetic. Many French Bulldogs do in fact have an inactive characteristic, but their airway structure is also a main cause for lack of energy. Exercising can sometimes be an unfavorable experience to French Bulldogs.

The main reason is because their short airway passage makes it difficult for them to breathe. It is also difficult for them to stay cool, making them intolerant to heat. Although exercise is highly avoided by most French Bulldogs, it is necessary to keep them healthy. Short sessions of exercise early in the morning or at night will suit your French Bulldog the best.



Vital needs of French Bulldogs include proper shelter. They usually do better as indoor pets. They are protected from hot weather by staying inside most of the time, especially during summer. If your dog will remain outdoors, make sure he is in a spot with adequate shade and proper ventilation.

Keeping your dog in an enclosed area during hot climates can result in an emergency. You will need to provide your French Bulldog with the appropriate bedding as well. Stick to 100% cotton beds, and do not use beds containing wood chips. This way you will reduce the probability that they will develop allergies. 


Like all dogs, the French Bulldog will have to undergo a yearly physical exam along with the necessary vaccines. A monthly flea and tick preventative and deworming is also beneficial to keeping your dog healthy. Make sure you make a list of all the health concerns beforehand.

Even the most minimal concerns can be important in detecting a disease early. Most dogs will do better if a disease is diagnosed in its early stages. Yearly health exams are especially important for French Bulldogs because they are genetically susceptible to various health issues.

Nutrition, exercise, shelter, all must be included to provide your dog with a happy lifestyle. Try your best to accommodate your French Bulldog with his needs. Your companion will be forever grateful.

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