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Travelling Stress - Free with your French Bulldog Pet

Traveling with your French Bulldog can be difficult because of their special needs.

Don’t be discouraged by this, learn how traveling stress-free with your French Bulldog pet can be an easy thing to do.

Here are some tips that are easy to follow so that you and your dog can enjoy your trip.

1. It is very important that your French Bulldog is use to car rides. If your French Bulldog is not yet accustomed to being in a car, the trip can be stressful for you and your pet. Take your dog out for a few rides before traveling.

2. Plan where you will be staying ahead of time so that you will be sure that the place is pet friendly. Having to look around for a place to stay that allows dogs can be very stressful. This way you can arrive at the place without having to worry about anything.

3. Prepare a list of veterinary hospitals that are along the way. Include a map so you know how to quickly get there in case of an emergency. Also be sure to have the phone number for each veterinary hospital. You will have a peace of mind knowing that you’ll have somewhere to take your French Bulldog in case he becomes ill during the trip.

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4. Pack all of the necessary items your dog will need for the trip. Basic things include; food and water bowls, dog food, collar with id tag, leash, and a dog bed. These are essential things for traveling stress-free with your French Bulldog pet. Other things you may want to bring along include; medication (if your dog is taking any) and clothing in case the climate is cold.

Remember that French Bulldogs are heat intolerant, so it is best if you travel in a car that has a functioning air conditioner. When you stop for short breaks make sure you keep your dog in the shade if the weather is warm. This will help prevent heat strokes in dogs.

Getting your pet micro chipped and examined by your regular veterinarian is also a good idea. Let your veterinarian decide if your pet is healthy enough to travel. A health exam is important because your veterinarian may detect any health issues that can make traveling a risk for your pet.

If your French Bulldog is not yet micro chipped, it is highly recommended that you do so before traveling. Make sure that you register the microchip so if your pet is lost, the microchip company can give anyone your information anywhere in the country. There is a small fee associated to registering a microchip, but it is well worth it.

Avoid traveling with your French Bulldog by air. Being in an airplane (especially for the first time) can cause great distress in your pet. It is also dangerous if they are placed in the department along with the baggage because the area can be very warm.

As we all know, French Bulldogs are very intolerant to heat because of their narrow airway passages. If you have no other choice than to travel by air, the best thing to do would be to speak to your veterinarian. Unlike air travel, traveling in a car can be a good experience for your French Bulldog. You might also be interested in this article on the vital needs of a french bulldog.

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