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Pros and Cons of Owning a French Bulldog

Deciding to acquire a French Bulldog can take a lot of thought. They make adorable pets, but can also come with disadvantages.

It is necessary to look into the possible issues you will be faced with if getting a French Bulldog. Discussing the pros and cons of owning a French Bulldog can help you make up your mind.


• The French Bulldog breed is distinguished by its great temperament. They love human companionship, and especially enjoy being around children.

• They are medium-sized, making them ideal for small homes such as apartments. They are also perfect for people with physical disabilities because of their small size.

• They give you life-long loyalty and affection. Also, the French Bulldog will not hesitate to protect you and your family.

• Most French Bulldogs do great with other pets in the household. 

• Their coat is short and easy to maintain. A daily brushing and a monthly bath should be sufficient.

• French Bulldogs only require moderate exercise.

• Their independence is an advantage for people with busy lives.

• They are quiet most of the time and only bark when they are excited or want attention.



• French Bulldogs cannot usually swim, and do not enjoy exercising. People that love the outdoors and have a busy lifestyle may find the breed unsuitable for their needs.

• They snore at night and have trouble breathing. They also can be very gaseous and drool excessively.

• A French Bulldog is genetically predisposed to several health issues. It can be a painful experience to have a sick pet, and the health issues can also make them expensive to maintain.

• Stubbornness can be an obstacle when training a French Bulldog. Special attention may be needed to advance in training.

• French Bulldogs can develop environmental allergies, as well as food allergies. This calls for special food and skin care.

• Lack of exercise can make them more prone to being overweight.

• They need C-sections most of the time to give birth. This is a very expensive procedure, and can be risky for the dog and her pups.

These are only some examples of pros and cons of owning a French Bulldog as well as the vital needs of a French bulldog. Asking veterinary professionals is one way of getting more information. They will be willing to tell you about the most common health issues associated with owning a French Bulldog.

Also ask French Bulldog owners about their personal experience. Talk to them about the tasks and costs involved of owning a French Bulldog. One last resource you can use is the internet and the library. These places are overflowed with information on different dog breeds. You will be sure to find plenty of facts regarding the French Bulldog.

Now that you have learned more about the French Bulldog, you can take a step further to deciding whether the breed is suitable for you. Take the time to talk to everyone in the family so you can make the decision together.

Sometimes a family member can help with certain disadvantages, while another person in the family may not be able to. In some cases, you can find that your families’ lifestyle simply does not compliment the French Bulldog breed.

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