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Issues in French Bulldog Breeding

French bulldogs make for very good house companions. However, if you are considering breeding your Frenchie, then it calls for a lot of research and questions before you decide if this is the right way to go.

This breed has a myriad of health problems associated with them; most of these problems are due to the physical structure of the dog and without proper consultation.

You may end up killing the dog especially when complications arise...and trust me they will.

Three important considerations that are taken into account when making the choice to breed are

- Cost

Breeding a French bulldog is very costly, because of the health problems that are associated with this breed you need to pay for check-up fees to ensure that your bitch is in good condition for breeding. This will also rule out some hereditary diseases that may be transmitted to the pups should the female be bred. There is also the cost of getting a good stud to breed your female and the maintenance of the female while she is pregnant.

French bulldog pups have a big head and most of the time pregnant females will not give birth naturally. To avoid complications, most Frenchies have a C-section to deliver the pups.

Though Frenchies will have small litters of 3-4 pups or less, these pups need to be taken care of till they find another home. They will need feeding, inoculations, de-worming, proper registration certificates all of which will cost you a considerable amount of money especially if you are dealing with many pups.

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- Proper research

To know if your Frenchie is a pure bred will require you to dive into the past and research bloodlines and relatives. This is usually necessary to avoid inbreeding which is the case if you breed a Frenchie to their relative or sibling. If you bought the French bulldog from a good breeder, they will have these records. On this note, origins of an adopted Frenchie may be harder to trace.

It is advised to avoid breeding Frenchies that are related to avoid increasing the risk of genetically transmitted diseases.

- Complications

Some Frenchies may have a normal pregnancy and go through the gestation period without any difficulties. Other Frenchies may suffer from some complications especially if they are overweight or fall sick while pregnant.

First time mothers may also have a hard time during delivery. It is always safe to have the dog go for regular check-ups to ensure that she is all right and so are the puppies. Some bitches may need some form of supplementation to take care of any deficiencies, feeding requirements will also change and you should make the necessary adjustments.

When the dog goes into labour, time how long it takes before the first puppy appears, labour is usually in three stages. The first stage will be characterised by restlessness, urination and panting. The second stage is when the dog will start pushing and the puppies come out, if the dog takes too long then it is time to call your vet. You can also save yourself from anxiety by having the dog undergo c-section.

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