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How to Buy Healthy French Bulldog

Health problems that French bulldogs suffer from may cost owners huge amounts of money in vet bills and maintenance costs.

To lower the risks of these medical conditions, here are some tips on what to look for when buying

1. Buy from a good breeder

Good French dog breeders are not only interested in cashing in on the puppies; they are also really interested in continuity of the breed and want to eliminate as many health problems as possible. Such breeders thoroughly screen the prospective parents for diseases and select the best of the batch to be parents.

You can get a recommendation about a good breeder from an owner of a French bulldog or you can go to dog shows and ask a participant where they got their dog from. Kennels that have bred one show champion are likely to have puppies for sale.

2. When buying a French bulldog, it best to buy from a kennel you can visit rather than online. This way you have a chance to go check out the puppies and choose the one that you feel is best. Healthy pups will be alert, playful and interested in what is happening around them. Do not buy a puppy that seems to lag behind the others or seems to prefer curling in a corner when the others are running around.

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3. Enquire about the parents of the puppy; ask about their health in specific. If possible you can ask to see the dam. Raising a litter of puppies is no walk in the park and at times you will find a tired looking dam, do not use this as a basis to qualify the dam as unfit or unhealthy.

4. Buy a puppy whose bloodline is known, if the puppy is a pure bred puppy this will be easy to trace and the breeder will give you a copy of the breeding certificate showing relatives to the 3rd or 4th generation. This is very important especially if you plan on registering the puppy and also to participate in some dog shows.

5. You may take the vet to a check-up to have it examined and certified to be in good health. In particular, it is important that the doctor check for congenital disorders such as cleft palate and elongated soft palate which may affect the puppy.

6. Draw up a contract with the seller, in it include details of the puppy and its condition, you may ask the buyer to give you a guarantee that the puppy is free from some health problems. This should be included in the contract and then signed by both you and the seller.

A breeder who has screened the puppy for illness will not hesitate to certify in writing that the puppy does not suffer from health problems. Any objections from the seller about inclusions of such a clause in the contract may be a warning sign and you should be cautious before you seal the deal.

7. French bulldogs are expensive especially if you obtain one as a pup. If you want to look for cheap deals that is exactly what you will get in quality. You pay for quality and the best will cost you.

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