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Coats and Colors of French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs have an exclusive physical appearance. Their ears are erect, much like a bat, and the front half of their body is wider than the back half.

Even more unique are the different coats and colors of French Bulldogs. The texture is just about the same for all Bulldogs, but the coat color varies.

The AKC considers the following colors as acceptable; white, brindle, brindle and white, and fawn.

The white coat is a single shade all over the body. The brindle coat consists of black stripes in different patterns, with a golden/tan base. Brindle and white coat colors can be brindle with small patches of white, to mostly brindle with white spots on the chest and feet. The fawn coat color ranges from red to a light cream and should be in conjunction with a black mask.

Some coat colors are considered as not standard by the AKC. These colors are; mouse, solid black, liver, black and white, black and tan, and white with black. Colors that are not listed in the standard or disqualified list are also acceptable. These colors include; red, cream, white and fawn, and black mask marking. The unacceptable coat color guideline in the AKC is not only to distinguish breeds, it is also to rule out health issues.

It has been proven that coats and colors of French Bulldogs can influence certain health traits. The all-white, black and white, and white with black coat colors all carry the gene that is responsible for deafness. The liver (or also known as chocolate) coat color carries the gene that can cause blindness and cataracts at an early age.

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The blue/mouse coat color is often times an attractive attribute, but the genes for Follicular dysplasia may also be included. Follicular dysplasia causes severe skin issues, hair loss, and can also lead to loss of sight. The worst part about Follicular dysplasia is that there is no cure, and the disease rapidly progresses.

A French Bulldogs’ coat can be described as short, soft, and glossy, and is equal in length throughout the body. The skin itself is thick and loose on the face, neck, and shoulders, creating wrinkles. The coat texture makes a French Bulldog easy to groom, except for the areas where the skin folds.

The wrinkles can sometimes harbor bacteria and should be kept clean to prevent health issues from developing. Also, a French Bulldogs’ coat does not provide much protection during cold weather, but it is ideal for hot summer days. You can have your French Bulldog wear clothes to protect him during the winter season.

The French Bulldogs’ lovable personality and great physical aspect is the perfect combination and forms the ideal pet. If considering acquiring a French Bulldog, first take into consideration the breeders’ reputability and health concerns regarding the breed. Health ailments relating to coat color is not always true, but being extra careful of the dog you choose may mean having a healthier companion.

If you own a French Bulldog with any of the coat colors with genetic predispositions, it is recommended to have your dog examined for possible health issues. In some occasions, detecting health issues early on can help manage some diseases.

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