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Behavior Training for French Bulldogs

The success or failure of the efforts of every pet owner in teaching its dog certain tricks depends to a certain extent on the commands that are being given to the pet dog.
While it may be a fact that there are many dog training commands that have been developed, however, not all of these commands have been proven to be effective.
Sometimes, due to the number of dog training commands that have been applied, the pet dog would get confused which results to an inaccurate execution of the instructions from the pet owner.
To ensure that the training sessions of the pet owner with his dog goes on smoothly, the following suggested French bulldog dog training commands may be taken into consideration:
1. “Come on.” This is probably the first command that a pet dog is able to execute correctly. As a matter of fact, aside from teaching the dog’s name, this command comes in next in terms of priority. This command is particularly handy when your pet is able to entangle itself from its leash and you want your pet to get back to you.
2. “Stay put.” This command is helpful if you want your pet dog to remain in a particular spot or position.
For instance, if you notice that your pet is moving to a direction that might cause harm, you can just say “stay put” and any untoward accident will be avoided. This is however one of the more difficult commands to master because of the limited attention span of most dogs. But, through constant practice and by enhancing your communication with your pet, there is no reason why your dog will not be able to execute this command properly.
3. “Sit down.” This command is probably the most useful of all commands in your daily interaction with your pet dog. It is common for dogs to get too eager which sometimes leads them to be unruly.
By commanding your dog to sit down, you are likely to prevent any potential inconvenience that may result from such unruly behavior. Moreover, this is also considered as the easiest commands that you can teach your pet dog.
Finally, it should be noted that the above-mentioned does not guarantee absolute success in terms of training your French bulldog. It does, however, provide a certain road map to make the process of teaching your dog more systematic and effective.
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