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Expected Changes In Normal Aging Dogs

Dogs have become man’s best friend literally. There was a time when people did not think about a dog growing old but a lot has changed.

The dog has become more of a companion than an animal that watches our house when we are away. It stands to reason that after having a dog for several years they get older, there are expected changes in normal aging dogs.

By being aware of what these changes are you will be able to continue being a loyal friend into the later years.

Dogs like people slow down when they get older, their metabolism slows down, the hearing and sight become less clear, and they get heavier which can cause health problems in the end. Knowing what the signs are will help to alleviate some of the problems that come up for dogs, so it is important to observe your pet as they move through the years.

How old your dog is will determine the age that deterioration will start.  It is said that the bigger your dog the shorter time he will live, so with this in mind, around eight years old for the bigger dogs, and twelve years old from the smaller breeds.

What to Expect As Aging Occurs In Your Best Friend

One of the first things that you may notice is that when you call your dog, he does not readily respond. This can be a sign that his hearing has deteriorated somewhat, also barking without reason maybe another sign. Since the dogs metabolism is slowing down you may find that your dog is gaining some weight.

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Dogs that are getting older slowdown in exercising and playing so there may need some adjustments to the food that your pet is eating. Your older friend may become more sensitive to temperature changes such as colder nights and hotter days; this is again associated with a slower metabolism.

Problems That Can Occur With A Canine Senior Citizen

As your dog ages they may be more susceptible to health problems, so knowing when to take your pet to the vet will be important in maintaining health well into old age. One of the changes that are very noticeable is habits in house training.

If your dog is excessively thirsty and has to go out frequently this could be a sign that he is having problems with his kidneys or heart. Another common problem is diabetes which is when the glucose in his system is not getting into the cells and sugar stays in the dog’s blood. The vet will be able to diagnose these kinds of health issues.

What You Can Do To Keep Your Dog Healthy

Most of these things are expected changes in normal aging dogs, but there are some things that you have control over and can add years to your friend’s life. It is important that your aging dog have a healthy diet for his slowing metabolism. Many dog food suppliers design food for the aging dog. Moderate exercise is still important for your dog’s health.

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