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Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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ultimate dog tricksThere are many ways by which a pet owner can have a truly fulfilling experience with his pet dog. A pet dog may be a good walking or running companion especially for those who have a penchant for long morning and early evening walks.

Moreover, a pet dog can also be dressed up to suit the fashion sense of the master. As a matter of fact, there are specialty stores that have been established specifically for dog fashion.

It can also be a reliable help in protecting the house, including those who live therein. However, even with these practical benefits of having a pet dog inside the house, nothing beats the fame and prestige of having your pet learn some tricks that you can show to family and friends. This is where the notion of teaching your pet certain dog training tricks comes in.

For the newbie, the idea of embarking on teaching dog tricks can be daunting, if not, difficult. The reason for this is obvious. When you teach dog tricks, there is a possibility that your pet dog might not be receptive to your instructions.

It is also possible that your pet might not be cut out to learn these tricks, hence, it might result into disappointment and a waning interest on your pet. It is for these reasons why it is important that you need to have plenty of patience when it comes to teaching dog training tricks.

While it may be difficult to embark on teaching your pet dog certain tricks, it is not, however, an impossible feat to accomplish. With the right foresight and patience, you can certainly succeed in making your pet learn new tricks. In addition, you can also follow these tried and tested tips when it comes to dog training tricks:

1. Consistency is the key. There may be plenty of ways that you have under your disposal to teach your pet new tricks, you have to ensure that irrespective of the type of instruction that you use, you should aim for consistency. This will ensure that your pet dog will not be confused in the process. Remember, that consistency of instruction is a key to effective learning;

2. Add some zest to your training sessions. A basic key to effective learning is when it is done in a relaxed atmosphere. Towards this end, you can add some fun when teaching your pet dog new tricks. You can also use toys and perhaps, give some reward to your pet especially if it is able to execute your instructions.

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Tricks to Teach Your Dog | Cool Dog Tricks List:

  1. Training Your Dog to Fetch and Drop the Ball
    One of the coolest tricks a dog can learn is to fetch and drop a toy or ball at your feet. It's a fantastic way to give them exercise without you becoming completely worn out, and it allows your dog to get a bit of that excess energy out of the way.
  2. Tips to Teach Your Dog To Sit
    While there may be a variety of ways by which this rapport or bond may be enhanced, one good way to achieve this is to spend time with your pet dog by encouraging it to acquire new sets of skills like learning how to sit.
  3. Teach Dog to Fetch - Dog Trick
    Dogs love to run after things as they derive a lot of pleasure from chasing after things. To teach your dog how to fetch, you have to tap into this innate need to run after objects in motion.
  4. Teach Dog to Play Dead - Dog Trick
    Teaching your dog to play dead is best done after the dog has been out playing since the dog will naturally be tired and want to lie down and rest.
  5. Teach Dog to Shake Hands - Dog Trick
    Teaching your dog how to shake hands will only takes a little time and it can be taught anywhere, making it very convenient for you.
  6. Teach Dog to Roll Over - Dog Trick
    You can couple this trick with the “play dead” dog trick since they will complement one another. In fact the best way to get a dog to roll over is if they start at the ‘dead’ position. If you prefer to teach this trick alone then here’s how to do it.
  7. Teach Dog to Come - Dog Trick
    This is a very important command that your dog should learn as early as possible. At the command “come”, the dog should come towards you immediately.
  8. Teach Dog to Jump - Dog Trick
    Teaching your dog to jump is fairly easy compared with other dog tricks. In this article, we are going to show you how to teach your dog to jump with or without hurdles.
  9. Teach Dog to Go Back - Dog Trick
    Learning this trick helps your dog to go back automatically and spontaneously after the command “go back.”
  10. Teaching Your Dog to Play Frisbee
    A great source of exercise for your dog and for yourself is teaching your dog to play Frisbee. This active pastime will give you hours of enjoyment while giving your dog a chance to play and have fun.

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Tricks to Teach Your Dog | Dog Training Tricks | Teach a Dog Tricks

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