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Teach Your Dog to Sit Trick

Do you want to teach your dog to sit? If so, then you have to follow certain rules and instructions to train your dog properly. During the training, you have to have some tasty treats.

You will use these treats as bait for your dog to do trick correctly. You can also train your dog without treats but you may find it difficult to get his attention.

The first thing that you should do to train your dog to sit is to stand in front of your puppy while holding a treat on your hands. 

Afterwards, hold the treat right near your dog’s nose but out of his reach. If your dog lifts his feet on the ground, you might be holding the treat to high. Just keep the distance between your hands to the nose of your dog. Otherwise, your pet will continue to stand up and ruin the entire trick.

When you teach your dog to sit, you should be ready to give rewards. Once your dog is already on sitting position, you should praise him by saying the “good job”, or “good boy”. Dogs appreciate everything that you say and do, especially if there are rewards.  But in contrary, if your dog did not sit properly, you might as well not give him a treat. By doing this, your dog will realize that he will have to sit to get the treat from you, making it easy to execute the trick.

You should also give your dog a signal that you want him to sit. Gently slide your hands on the back of your pet while you teach your dog to sit. This means that you want to him to sit without doing any sign or command. Then, once he is already on the sitting position, give the command.

Dogs won’t be able to master the trick overnight. Therefore, you have to be more patient. Teaching a dog with a new trick is never easy. If you are not patient enough, you might find it hard to train your dog.

If you teach your dog to sit, you have to practice many times. It may take a while before your dog learns the trick. But when your dog knows the trick, say the command without a treat. If he doesn’t do anything, stay still and never give a treat. This only means that you have to practice harder until your dog finally knows how to perform the trick well.

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