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Teach Dog to Roll Over Trick

You can couple this trick with the “play dead” dog trick since they will complement one another. In fact the best way to get a dog to roll over is if they start at the ‘dead’ position. If you prefer to teach this trick alone then here’s how to do it.

- The dog should be lying down on his back. You can get the dog in this potion by telling him “down” to which the dog will lie on his chest, to get the dog to lie on his back.

You can give him a good rub on his belly to which he will turn so that his legs are up in the air. Give the dog a treat once he is in this position.

- Next, take a treat that the dog will love and wave it in front of your dog’s nose, let him sniff it. The dog will try to get it but do not let him have it. Instead, move your hand swiftly in a circular motion and then to one side of the dog and lift up your hand. This will prompt the dog to look to where your hand is going and then roll over in order to try and get it.

- Some dogs catch on fast while some dogs will take some time to get this. Once your dog is able to roll over, you can then repeat this step, this time giving the command “roll over” as you move your hand in a circular motion. In case the dog is having a hard time understanding what you want, then lie on the ground beside him and demonstrate how to roll over.

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- You can also give the dog a gentle push so as to roll him over when giving the command. Some dogs do not like being pushed, if your dog is like this, then you can try one of the earlier methods again. Never push the dog with force or else he may get injured or take it as a form of rough play and in in most cases, will not end well.

- After you have practised for some time and the dog is able to do the trick, you can stop giving the command and use hand signals instead. Here, you call the dog’s name and then move your hand in a circular motion at which the dog should be able to do the trick.


- This trick may be demanding on the dog’s back and you should practice it on the carpet or in a place covered by grass, so that the dog’s back is cushioned.

- If the dog shows any signs of pain, then stop practising and have the dog examined.

- Not all dogs are good candidates for learning this trick, dogs suffering from joint problems should be taught other tricks that will not cause the dog pain or aggravate any injuries.

- In order to perform this trick well, your dog will require lots of practice, this shouldn’t be used as an excuse to overwork your dog or handle him roughly all in name of teaching him a trick. Learn to read the signs your dog gives; If he is bored or tired,  you should put off training for another day or let the dog rest for a while before continuing.

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