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Teach Dog to Jump Trick

Jumping in dogs can be desirable on undesirable. This trick is a way to teach your dog to jump...but only when you give the command. This is to ensure that your dog’s jumping habits are kept in check.

Teaching your dog to jump is fairly easy compared with other dog tricks. In this article, we are going to show you how to teach your dog to jump with or without hurdles.

Jumping over hurdles requires that you first set up the hurdle. When you area starting out, you just require something simple such as a plank of wood placed across the dog’s path.

The plank should be raised. Begin with the dog on a leash, jump over the plank. The dog will naturally follow you, as the dog goes over the plank say “jump.”

Repeat this again, and do not forget to say “jump” every time the dog goes over the plank. You can also use a rope tied to two opposite ends as your hurdle. The process is the same regardless of what you use, that is, first jump over the hurdle, wait for the dog to follow you and say “jump” as the dog goes over the hurdle.

Do not allow the dog to pass by the side of the hurdle or go under it. In fact to prevent the going under you can place the rope low or block the bottom so there’s no room for the dog to pass. If the dog tries to go by the side say “no” and get them to the hurdle by waving a treat in front of them. Hold the treat higher and higher and move back so that the dog has to jump across the hurdle to come get it.

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Once the dog can go over the hurdle, and then leave him to do it by himself. This time stand by the side of the plank while holding the leash, walk the dog to the hurdle and say jump. You can give a little tug on the leash if the dog hesitates. Reward the dog when he gets to the other side. You can pat him on the shoulder.

Repeat this process for several times until the dog is confident to do it by himself with no hesitation. You can then raise the rope a bit higher and take your dog through the process.

In such training, positive reinforcement will work best in giving you the desired results since the dog is motivated to perform. Do not be overly excited about teaching your dog a new trick so much so that you work him till exhaustion. Take your time and give the dog rest, do not worry if he does not learn everything in one can always continue the training tomorrow.

Start and end on a good note, this is so that the dog is still enthusiastic to learn the trick next time as well as other tricks.

When teaching your dog a new trick, make sure you are loaded with lots of treats to give your dog during the learning process. Eventually, the dog should be able to perform the trick minus the leash and the reward at the prompting of the word “jump.”

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