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Teach Dog to Go Back - Dog Trick

Learning this trick helps your dog to go back automatically and spontaneously after the command “go back.”

It is best to teach the dog while he is still young as the dog has a better learning capacity but even older dogs can be taught this trick since it is simple and it is based more on instinct than intelligence or other factors.

Teaching your dog a new trick is possible through a simple operant conditioning where the dog discovers the effect of his going back and reacts the same in future based on the reward given to it. Likewise, the dog could also learn from negative reinforcement for not going backwards.

For starters, stand in front of your dog as it faces you and move towards it. The dog will instinctively move backwards so as to avoid being trampled or just to get out of your way. This should be repeated several times without the giving of any instructions and after that you should start instructing the dog.

The instructions should be a simple and clear ‘go back’ said to the dog as you move towards him. The trainer should move in easy definite steps as at first and one should not make any sudden movements as this will scare the dog making him to put his safety before the learning.

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Once the dog learns the meaning of the command “go back”. you can give the dog the command while you take small steps towards the dog. The favourable response should be the dog retreating backwards.

With time, you should be able to stand still while giving the dog the command “go back” at which the dog should start moving back. If the dog does not immediately go back, you should then start moving towards him to make the dog move back.

The best effects are received when you do this several times with your dog. When giving commands, do it in a temperate tone and once the dog starts learning you can reduce the frequency of the instruction. One should appreciate the dog’s effort to learn and each time the dog goes backwards after being instructed, you should reward it.

A good way is to give the dog fixed treats at regular fixed interval and once the dog starts learning, you can then change the frequency of the treats to intermittent intervals. Eventually, the treats are to be stopped. A well trained dog is one who will still respond to the instruction given even without the treat.

Never punish the dog if he does not go back but do not allow the dog to ignore your commands either. If the dog won’t go back when the command is issued, lift the dog’s forelimbs and hold them with your hand then walk the dog backwards while saying go back. Put the dog’s limbs down and then praise the dog. You can then repeat the command again to see if the dog will go back on his own when instructed to do so.

If you do not have treats you can pat the dog on the shoulder while verbally praising them.

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