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Teach Dog to Come Trick

This is a very important command that your dog should learn as early as possible. At the command “come”, the dog should come towards you immediately.

This command is necessary for safety purposes as well as to make it more convenient for dog owners whose dogs will at times wander from them.

How to teach your dog to come

- Dog should be on 50 foot leash or cord. In the beginning let the dog wander some distance away till he is at the full length of the leash. At this point, call the dog’s name and say “come.” If the dog hesitates to come, give the leash a tug. You can also entice the dog to you by using a toy which you can wave to him.

- The tone of your voice should always be calm and playful that way the dog thinks it’s a game you’re engaging in.

- Repeat the process of letting the dog walk to the end of the leash and you telling him to “come” several times.

- Reward the dog for coming to you and give him a pat on the shoulder while showering him with praise.

- Next step is to remove the leash and repeat the same process again, let the dog wander for some distance then call out his name followed by the command “come.” Ensure that you are loud enough so the dog hears you when you call out to him.

- If the dog fails to respond without the leash, it might be that you are moving too fast. Put him back on the leash and practice for some time.

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- Training is only considered successful if the dog comes immediately after you call him and can do so even without the leash or a reward.


- No matter how long has been in training, he will appreciate you praising if or giving him an occasional treat for complying with your command.

- When you first start dog training, do it in a place where you have a clear view of the dog. You should preferably do it in a place that is fenced. That way, the dog will not run out into a busy street.

- Dogs will mess up at times, when they do, it is not uncommon to hear the dog’s owner saying “come” followed by punishing the dog. For the dog, that is a sign that when he is told to “come” punishment will follow, thus in future the dog will ignore calls of come.

- Training is best started when the puppy is young. However, adult dogs can also be trained but some might require more time.

- Commands should never be repeated twice, say the command once and be assertive. The dog needs to know that he/she is in your charge. If your dog does not respond to your command and you do not correct him, he will ignore your command in future. Use a leash if you have to, in order to get the dog to come to you.

- Command the dog’s attention with whatever you are offering. Make the training interesting for your dog, so that there is no room for distraction.

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