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Dog Poop Eating | Coprophagia

Dog poop eating (Coprophagia), a common characteristic in puppies for up to a year old, is a filthy habit that most dog owners hate. Seeing a dog eat their own crap can actually make someone vomit or feel bad about it.

But why would a dog do such a thing that doesn’t make any sense? Well, there are a lot of reasons why dogs eat their poop but that don’t include starvation.

Hunger is not the reason behind a dog’s disgusting habit. Even if you continually feed your dog with lots of food, it is still possible for coprophagia to occur.

Most people think that dog poop eating is a normal. However, seeing this situation from your dog can be very disturbing, especially when you actually see it. This type of condition signals possible dog health implications not only to your dog but also to you or worse, to your entire family.

When a dog eats poop, worms and diseases can easily be transmitted through a direct contact. Some feces may contain fungus, fly, parasites, or even bacteria causing problems. So before you can be affected by this sickening habit, look for a way to stop this condition from happening.

Some scientists believe that the reason why dogs eat poop is due to lack of nutrition. It is also believed that coprophagia appears because dogs are medically ill. Sick dogs usually eat their poop or grasses for medicine. Although it is unlikely, dogs do this to cure themselves from sickness and lack of vitamins.

So what is the best way on how to stop your dog eating poo and learn how to keep your dog healthy? The best way to keep your dog from eating poop is to clean the area. When you see your dog poop, take the dirt away immediately.

But be sure to use safe tools to get rid of the poop because you might actually get some transmitted diseases from using plastic or paper. Use a mini shovel and wipe the floor clean. Then, wash your hands and feet, of course, to keep yourself clean and free from poop.

Overfeeding could also be the cause of dog eating its own poop. Do not feed your dog too much, as the food may not be digested enough and may still smell good for dogs. If this happens, your dog would gladly eat the poop without any hesitation. Feed right and keep the food healthy so that your dog won’t ask for more crap to eat.

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