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Why Is My Dog Coughing Up White Foam?

It is fairly safe to say that the great majority of dog owners, who have much of their house carpeted, have stains on them.

Some are harder to clean than others and if dogs have free reign to roam the entire house at will, do not discriminate where they leave their little presents for you to find.

Likewise, if they are in a fenced in yard outside, there are innumerable "delicacies" they can ingest without your knowledge.

Especially for the young and inquisitive dog, anything may look and smell like it could possibly taste quite good. Thankfully, their bodies have the built in system to rid themselves of the indigestible foods and if you've had your dog for a while, you can distinguish one vomit from another.

Is It Normal For My Dog To Throw Up?

Well, the answer is yes and no. It is normal for your dog to throw up if he has eaten something that upset his stomach. It could just be something the gastric juices cannot dissolve or it could be something poisonous. It is not normal for your dog to throw up all the time for no apparent reason. If you are wondering "why is my dog coughing up white foam" there could several reasons.

Your veterinarian is the best source of information, of course. In the absence of other illnesses, and if the dog has only vomited once or maybe twice in the past couple of months you may be in the clear-the cause may be something very simple and not life-threatening to your pet.

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What Is This White Foam?

Vomit of whitish foamy material without any blood or worms in it, is probably just the stomach's way of ridding itself of excessive bile. Bile is usually yellow, but with certain gastric chemical reactions, it may present itself as white foam. To be absolutely certain, call your vet and ask whether this is a cause to bring the pet in for a check-up.

Most likely the vet will say yes, it is because he wants to be sure it isn't something more serious that could cost the dog his life. In general, in the absence of preexisting diseases, and without knowledge of poisoning, the answer to why is my dog coughing up white foam is that it is nothing serious. Once the stomach lining is irritated, any food entering into the system will cause additional irritation.

How Do I Treat My Dog If He Is Otherwise Healthy?

The recommended treatment is to withhold food for at least twelve hours. That should give the stomach lining enough time to calm down. After that time, start slowly, by perhaps feeding him a few ice chips. Wait again a few hours then give him a little water.

If he doesn't throw up any more, then ten or twelve hours after that you can feed your dog perhaps a little cooked white rice with a little bit of cooked chicken in it. Even baby food is bland enough that it won't upset the delicate stomach again. Just be sure to start feedings again slowly.

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