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Ways to Remove And Get Rid of Tick Bites in Dogs

Ticks are common in woody areas and in tall grasses. They reproduce at very high rates, with a single female laying as many as1000 eggs which hatch within a period of time ranging from 2 weeks to 2 months to produce larval stages.

Tick infestation is a big problem, especially in hunting dogs that spend a lot of time out in the fields or in forests.

Ticks are dangerous since they transmit many diseases and in large numbers will cause irritation to the dog as well as deterioration of body condition.

The correct way to remove a tick from your dog is to hold it between your thumb and index finger and pull it off slowly. Do ensure that you hold the tick as close to the skin as you can, this is to make sure that when you remove the tick, the mouth parts also come off. Wear protective gloves when removing ticks with your hands.

You can also use tweezers to remove the ticks. Some people advise use of tweezers rather than bare hands to avoid getting tick bites. Hold the tick with the tweezers and pull off the tick gently. If you jerk off the tick you will likely end up splitting the tick into two and the mouth parts will remain attached to the skin. Dispose the tick properly after removal.

Swabbing the area around the tick with alcohol also makes it easier to remove the ticks, but do not use petroleum jelly.

Never ever leave any part of the tick attached as this will lead to infection and formation of abscesses and result in dog skin diseases.

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If the tick is not yet attached to the skin then removal is much easier, you can just brush it off or hold it between your fingers. Once you have removed the tick, clean the area using alcohol to avoid infection.

Never try to burn the tick when it is attached as a way of removing it. You may cause the dog harm.

If you live in an area that is infested with ticks, get yourself a good product to get rid of the ticks. Check the dog for ticks from time to time and remove any that you find attached. Drugs that kill ticks are known as acaricides. There are some very effective acaricides available in pet shops but it is advisable to find out which is best for use in your dog by asking the vet first.

These acaricides can be applied on the dogs coat or you can use tick collars which are worn round the dog’s neck. The flea and tick collar are impregnated with insecticides that kill the ticks.  There are also sprays and dust preparation available which can be directly applied on the dog as well as on beddings to kill any ticks present.

It is good practice to wash the dog’s beddings after some time in order to get rid of ticks and other potential pests. Kennels should also be washed and sprayed or dusted with such preparations. Pay attention to corners and hard to reach areas since this where the ticks usually hide and lay eggs.

Grass and lawns should be kept short to avoid providing a breeding ground for ticks. The routine of checking your dog and getting rid of ticks from them should be regularly conducted.

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